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The Life of a Rodale Test Kitchen Chef

The Life of a Rodale Test Kitchen Chef

You know when you pick a career path, completely convinced that you have found your higher calling, and begin to map out a future attached to your lofty professional daydreams? After careful planning and preparation, you shadow somebody, begin an internship, or start a new job, excited for life to finally come together exactly how you’d always imagined it, and then—Oh. Thi... »

Back to School

What Does Back to School Mean To You?

’Tis the season (no, not that one – despite what store displays might have you believe, we’re not quite there yet) of back to school. This particular season comes in several different flavors: sweet, bittersweet, and, occasionally, sour. For some, the three simple words promise shiny new supplies and friendly reunions. For others, streets packed with school buses only spel... »

Phoebe's Kitchen

Phoebe’s Cooking Show

Every week, thousands of viewers tune into a show called Phoebe’s Cooking Show. Unconstrained by one cuisine or course, Phoebe whips up everything from guacamole to fruitcake, often in less than ten minutes. Her show is so popular that when she drops into the local diner or ice cream stand for a treat, waitresses and guests bombard her with future recipe requests. For most... »


Noch ein Bier, bitte. Celebrating Oktoberfest in the Lehigh Valley

Do you like beer? Yes. Do you like games? Sure do. Do you like fun? Obviously. Do you tend to get really excited about anything with the suffix “-fest”? Happens to the best of us. Do you like spending $2,109 and 11 hours on a plane from Philadelphia to Munich with a layover in Frankfurt in order to celebrate Oktoberfest? Hard pass. Thankfully, the Lehigh Valley and its sur... »

10 things to do in the Lehigh Valley

10 Things to do in the Lehigh Valley this August

As a kid, August used to feel like one long Sunday as we watched the days grow shorter and the first day of school draw nearer. Now, however, we’re adults, meaning there are a host of family-friendly activities and date night excursions awaiting us all month long. Paddle the Poconos with Whitewater Moonlight Rafting Accompanied by a professional river guide, travel down ei... »

Juvenile Diabetes Feature

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

What’s the first thing your 10-year-old does when she wakes up? Sleepily reach for her phone—already over her data usage a week into the month—and scan through her notifications? Put on her Beats® and binge watch her latest Netflix® obsession? Announce how bored she is, an affliction that mysteriously vanishes at the mention of chores? Ever since Lily Scott was 10, the fir... »

American Fence and Flag

American Fence & Flag

If not for a man named Walt Disney, there may never have been a Mickey Mouse or Daffy Duck – or an American Fence & Flag, the fencing company co-owned by husband and wife Hal and Joyce Mante in Whitehall. After high school, Hal headed for Walt Disney World in 1973 hoping to start his career. When he arrived, however, he was told that there were no longer any opportuni... »

Who He Runs 4

Who He Runs 4

It’s too hot. It’s too cold. Well, I ate too much. I haven’t eaten enough; I won’t have the energy. I’m not a morning person. Night? It’s just too dangerous to go at night. I’m sick. I have to do laundry and I’m also in the middle of a very committed six-hour “Game of Thrones” binge. I’ll just go tomorrow. Or maybe on Monday. Yes, I will – it’s my New Year’s resolution. I’... »

Everything You Need to Know About the Zika Virus

Everything You Need to Know About the Zika Virus

Ever since the first headline of a rapidly spreading virus hit news channels and Twitter feeds, all we’ve been worried about is Zika – especially with mosquito season right around the corner. We chatted with Dr. Jeffrey Jahre, Chief of Infectious Disease and the Senior Vice-President of Medical and Academic Affairs at St. Luke’s University Health Network, to learn the fact... »

Faces of the Southside

Faces of the South Side

“Move to the left, move to the left, move to the left,” someone says. She has one hand on her 35mm digital camera, which is also secured with a strap around her neck, while her other hand is in the air, wildly gesturing along with her commands. She sighs, exasperated. “Ugh, you moved too much.” She pauses as she contemplates how to salvage her vision and moves around the m... »

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