Best I Ever Had: Fried Mozzarella at Copperhead Grille

Best I Ever Had: Fried Mozzarella at Copperhead Grille

Anecdotal evidence indicates comfort foods may alleviate stress. And Fried Mozzarella—the most-ordered appetizer at Copperhead Grille— offer a transcendently delicious remedy to tension, regardless of origins. Ooey-gooey mozzarella encased in golden crunchiness nurtures the spirit, and contrasting textures captivate the tongue.

Still skeptical? Catch a YouTube demo of co-owner and executive chef Michael P. Dontas—better known as Mike Sr.—crafting this specialty from hand-cut strips of whole milk mozzarella treated to a multi-step coating that finishes with seasoned panko. Next, the substantial sticks meet their deep fryer destiny. (Warning: Viewing may prompt impulsive ordering.)

And, according to Dontas, sauce is a “crucial element” for this dish. House-made marinara, prepared from a decades-old family recipe, departs from tradition with the addition of aromatic fennel and a dash of sweetness— creating a “perfect balance” of tastes. Plus, there’s no need for dainty dabbing since a generous portion of this luscious liquid facilitates dipping with gusto.

During stay-at-home times, the Copperhead Grille is operating exclusively with curbside pickup and contactless delivery via Grubhub and DoorDash; order online or by phone. (A curbside service advantage is the ability to take home a six-pack or growler of your favorite brew.) Check the website for updates!


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