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Eye Care

By Sara Hodon Let’s face it—most of us take our vision for granted. Sunglasses look cool, but most of us don’t think about the fact that they also protect our eyes against the sun’s harmful UV rays. Eye exams may be just another item to fit into the jam-packed household calendar but these visits can help to detect a number of problems before they become more serious. Many ... »

The Benefits of Massage Therapy

By Sara Hodon Massage is not just a way to relax and loosen tense muscles. Regular therapeutic massage treatments can help to ease the suffering of a number of chronic health conditions. Therapeutic and relaxation, or Swedish, massage have some distinct differences. A Swedish massage is commonly offered at a salon or day spa; therapeutic massage is typically done at a well... »

Sleep Disorders

By Jeffrey Gould, MD Most industrial accidents and tractor trailer motor vehicle accidents take place between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m.; most strokes and heart attacks take place during those same hours as well. But what do these facts mean? Primarily, these facts indicate that the human body was not meant to be awake during these hours. Humans are not nocturnal and attempts to re... »

Depression: Signs and Treatment

By Frederick Jerant “Depression” can mean a lot of different things–a sunken landform, a very severe economic downturn, an area of low atmospheric pressure. But for as much as 15.7% of patients seeking treatment for any ailment, it’s the name of a mental disorder that can have crippling, even fatal outcomes. (It often leads to suicide, which is the 11th leading cause... »

Cold-Weather Safety

By Frederick Jerant Ah, winter. It’s the season for skiing and skating, snowball fights and fort building, sleigh rides and snowshoeing. But in the midst of all that wintry fun, we still need to be aware of the power of cold. Just as high temperatures can adversely affect your body, so can low temperatures. One of the simplest ways to avoid cold-weather problems is dressin... »

The Truth About Physician Assistants

By Christine A. Krahling In last month’s “Health Watch” department, we did not accurately discuss the role of the physician assistant in our article, “Choosing the Right Physician for Your Family.” We truly regret this error. Several physician assistants in the Lehigh Valley were quick to inform us that we had a great deal to learn about this highly respected healthcare pr... »

Choosing the Right Physician for Your Family

By Frederick Jerant Choosing a new doctor can be a tough job, especially if you’ve just moved to the area. And finding the right specialist can be even tougher. You can always take a chance by closing your eyes and pointing your finger at a doctor’s name in the yellow pages, but that’s not a wise procedure. Instead, a little digging and talking can help you find the right ... »

Dental Health

By Frederick Jerant We’re bombarded with information about cancer prevention, weight loss, hair loss, hair recovery…even something called “digestive health” (whatever that means). But 32 parts of our bodies often get short shrift. Yes, I’m talking about our teeth. “Common sense often goes out the window when we’re dealing with our teeth,” says Dr. James P. Newman, DMD and ... »

Childhood Obesity

By Frederick Jerant These days, the statistics on childhood obesity are astounding: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the condition in children ages 6 to 11 went from 6.5% in 1980 to 19.6% in 2008, with similar increases among adolescents. We’re not talking about a couple of extra pounds; we’re talking seriously–and potentially dangerously&... »

The Path to Wellness and Personal Success

By Paula Beck Dr. Nathaniel Williams knows about overcoming adversity. He also knows that everyone has the potential for success and personal fulfillment. After losing his mother at the age of five, Williams became a ward of the New York City foster care system. Despite this, he realized at the age of 12 that he wanted to be a CEO. After receiving a bicycle as a gift, he r... »

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