Turkey Talk with David Jaindl

Turkey Talk with David Jaindl

David Jaindl remembers working on the family farm, heading out to work on weekends with his dad at the tender age of eight to tend to a brand of turkey that for decades has become as familiar as cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving dinner tables. “I have such lasting memories when I look back on those days, everything from tending to the turkeys, shoveling manur... »

Fun & Freight

Fun & Freight

Everywhere you turn, you see witches, warlocks and werewolves. Shelves are overflowing with black-and-orange themed candy. Streamers! Decorations! Party favors! Lights! Streets lined with princesses, superheroes, cartoon characters, animals, and even vegetables. And somewhere, a DJ is spinning “The Monster Mash.” Again. Yes, it’s time for Halloween. There’s no need to knoc... »

The Life of a Rodale Test Kitchen Chef

The Life of a Rodale Test Kitchen Chef

You know when you pick a career path, completely convinced that you have found your higher calling, and begin to map out a future attached to your lofty professional daydreams? After careful planning and preparation, you shadow somebody, begin an internship, or start a new job, excited for life to finally come together exactly how you’d always imagined it, and then—Oh. Thi... »

Back to School

What Does Back to School Mean To You?

’Tis the season (no, not that one – despite what store displays might have you believe, we’re not quite there yet) of back to school. This particular season comes in several different flavors: sweet, bittersweet, and, occasionally, sour. For some, the three simple words promise shiny new supplies and friendly reunions. For others, streets packed with school buses only spel... »

Light It Up

Light It Up – Your Home’s Landscape After Dark

Think about the lighting in your home. You likely have functional lighting as well as accent lighting. You may have the ability to create effects, such as up-lighting key focal points of a room, drawing the eyes upward with track lighting inside architectural areas, or surely you have the ability to brighten and dim certain lights on command. You can switch a table lamp of... »


Noch ein Bier, bitte. Celebrating Oktoberfest in the Lehigh Valley

Do you like beer? Yes. Do you like games? Sure do. Do you like fun? Obviously. Do you tend to get really excited about anything with the suffix “-fest”? Happens to the best of us. Do you like spending $2,109 and 11 hours on a plane from Philadelphia to Munich with a layover in Frankfurt in order to celebrate Oktoberfest? Hard pass. Thankfully, the Lehigh Valley and its sur... »


A Night at the Apollo

It began when we arrived for our dinner reservation at The Apollo Grill on Thursday, October 22, 2015. The Apollo was hosting a charity event for the newly-established Bethlehem Food Co-Op. Carol Ritter, a membership consultant at the Co-Op, was selling chances as we checked in with the desk. We inquired about the event, and purchased tickets. As our dinner was coming to a... »

10 things to do in the Lehigh Valley

10 Things to do in the Lehigh Valley this August

As a kid, August used to feel like one long Sunday as we watched the days grow shorter and the first day of school draw nearer. Now, however, we’re adults, meaning there are a host of family-friendly activities and date night excursions awaiting us all month long. Paddle the Poconos with Whitewater Moonlight Rafting Accompanied by a professional river guide, travel down ei... »

Dining Dogs

Holistic Health for Furry Foodies

As a first timer to The Dining Dog & Friends, expect a warm greeting from owners Althea Seeds and Risa Krohn. They will take you by the hand and lead you to a large glass deli case filled with a tempting assortment of mouthwatering treats that look as if they came from an old world Viennese pastry shop. Baskets brim with ginger snaps, banana bites, oatmeal cream biscui... »

PA Lightening

The PA Lightning & The World Cycling League

Marty Nothstein is warming up young charges Friday afternoon in the Red Robin Marty Nothstein Bicycle Racing League. His riders, the future, count laps. “Come on guys,” one encourages the others. “Watch! Passing team,” chirps another. Safety first. Nothstein, an Olympic and world gold medalist, is now the executive director of the Valley Preferred Cycling Center; and he, h... »

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