Pocono Raceway

Pocono Raceway

Known to NASCAR fans as the “Tricky Triangle” thanks to its three signature turns, the Pocono Raceway in Monroe County has been thrilling car racing enthusiasts for nearly five decades. Established in 1957 by Dr. Joseph Mattioli and his wife, Dr. Rose Mattioli, the raceway is one of only a handful of NASCAR tracks that is still privately owned and operated. “My grandfather... »

Bethlehem Steel Futbol

Bethlehem Steel Futbol Club

What has two thumbs and knows zip about soccer? Me. When I got the assignment to write about the new soccer team, the Bethlehem Steel FC, I was a bit apprehensive. I did a quick mental tally of soccer facts I DID know, and they amounted to four. Total. I know Brandi Chastain ripped her shirt off in some big game. I’m not sure how the unsmiling Posh Spice landed David Beckh... »

Faces of the Southside

Faces of the South Side

“Move to the left, move to the left, move to the left,” someone says. She has one hand on her 35mm digital camera, which is also secured with a strap around her neck, while her other hand is in the air, wildly gesturing along with her commands. She sighs, exasperated. “Ugh, you moved too much.” She pauses as she contemplates how to salvage her vision and moves around the m... »

Home Office

8 Steps to a Successful Home Office

Do you have a home office? Most households do, whether it is used for the family computer, managing a home-based business, working from home, or taking classes online. The ‘office’ can be something as mobile as wherever you place your laptop (e.g. the kitchen counter, the dining room table), a specific space (the corner of a room, a converted closet), or a dedicated room (... »

Autism Awareness

Autism Friendly – Not Just in April but all Year Long

For the families that struggle with autism, the Lehigh Valley and surrounding area offers friendly places to visit and special organizations and events to join. A recent study of parents by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that 1 in 45 children, ages 3 through 17, have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This is much higher than... »

Car Care Aware

Car Care Aware

This was quite the winter, wasn’t it? If it wasn’t record-breaking snowfall in January, it was slick, icy roads, likely coated with road salt and brine. So with all that winter buildup, how do we make sure our cars are ready for Spring? Taking care of some basic maintenance issues now can avoid them from turning into expensive and dangerous problems. Jack Dungan, Service D... »

Lehigh Valley IronPigs Trough Dog

Eating Your Way Through Coca-Cola Park

You have the day off from work, it’s warm outside, and your favorite minor league team – the IronPigs – are winning. In your left hand, a Mac & Cheese Parfait – layers of tender pulled pork and creamy macaroni and cheese – awaits. In your right hand, Fried Funnel Cake Bacon, a thick slab of bacon on a stick breaded with funnel cake batter and sprinkled with powdered su... »

March Madness

The Mania of March Madness

The March Madness phenomenon continues to captivate the nation. Young and old, guys and girls – everyone everywhere seems to get into the spirit of college basketball at its finest. So just how did this marvel come to enjoy its everlasting popularity, and how can you and your crew get into the fun of it all? A Look at the History of March Madness The first-ever NCAA men’s ... »

Wedding Day Fashion

Best in Bridal: The Latest Trends in Wedding Fashion

Your handsome beau proposed to you so romantically on Valentine’s Day. With the glorious rock in place, the wedding preparations went into high gear. One of your first thoughts was wedding fashion. What should you wear on your special day? How about the groom? What will be popular with the Moms? To help you in the search for the perfect attire, four Lehigh Valley designers... »

Chestnut Hill Landscape Feature

Great Landscape Architecture: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Close your eyes and imagine your family’s ideal outdoor living space. Does it have a pool or spa? A fire pit, a grill, or a complete outdoor kitchen? Flowers as far as the eye can see, vegetable gardens, an independent waterfall, a sparkling koi pond? Chances are you’ve envisioned something very beautiful and quite personal to your family and each member’s unique desires a... »

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