'Tis The Season To Purge

By Sara Vigneri A winter chill is in the air but I’m sweating through my shirt. I’ve lugged all my children’s clothing from the basement and have begun the process of sorting and sifting. Whenever the seasons change, I find myself taking stock of the stuff that has found residence in my home: clothes from last season, toys that are no longer used, impulse purchases, projec... »

Holiday Calendar

By Sara Hodon The Lehigh Valley is special all year ‘round, but there’s nothing quite like it during the holidays.  Whether you’re young or young at heart, there’s something for everyone. Below are just a few of the many seasonal events happening in the area. Happy Holidays! Start the season off by visiting any of the local malls and take advantage of their Black Friday sa... »

Staying Stress-Free Through The Holidays

By Maureen Sangiorgio I remember when I was about 12 years old, I just HAD to have this new bike. I saw it at Kresge’s department store during back-to-school shopping with my mom, and I couldn’t think of anything else. I even dreamed about it. It was fuchsia, had a banana seat, and a high sissy bar in the back. My parents knew how excited I was about it, so we went to pick... »

Cheers! Holiday Spirits

By Melanie Gold There are several things we look forward to as the holidays approach. In the Lehigh Valley that might mean a drive through a holiday lights display, seeing the “putz” or Moravian nativity scenes or shopping at a craft fair. And great holiday traditions almost always include great at-home parties with family and friends. As the days shorten and winter approa... »

The Joys of Crock Pot Cooking

By Carole Gorney To take liberties with the lyrics of Sammy Cahn’s famous seasonal song: Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but a hot meal is so delightful. Let it cook. Let it cook. Let it cook. There is no better meal when the weather turns cold than succulent Yankee pot roast or steaming hot vegetable soup, and there’s no easier way to cook these and many other nouri... »

Baking Basics

By Melanie Gold Some of our favorite holiday food memories come hot out of the oven. Maybe your favorite is the smell of pumpkin bread or still-warm oatmeal-raisin cookies, or maybe it’s the sight of a beautifully decorated cake, rosettes and all. Baking can be a tricky business, more akin to a science experiment than cooking. We tracked down three of the region’s eminent ... »

Confessions of a Closet Junk Food Junkie:

By Sara Vigneri One Health Reporter’s Journey to Practice What She Preaches Time is running out. I have a huge reporting assignment due in 24 hours and I haven’t even thought about what to make for dinner. My daughters need help with homework and they have absolutely no clean underwear for school tomorrow. The stress is creeping up but I muddle through. After putting... »

Just Say "Om:" The Health Benefits of Yoga

By Sara Hodon Before settling in to read this story, get comfortable. Close your eyes for a few moments. Take a few deep breaths. Let the day’s stressors ease out of your body. Feel better? You’ve just had a taste of the ancient tradition of yoga. Yoga is the centuries-old practice of aligning a person’s physical, mental, and emotional energies through a series of deep str... »

Cycling For Fun & Fitness

By Kevin Gray Cycling became such a big part of John Strom’s life that he biked to Allentown from Tatamy every day for his job. “It became my transportation,” says Strom, who had been riding bikes since he was four years old. “I’m in love with the whole concept of a bicycle because it’s the most efficient machine that man has ever designed. The amount of energy that goes i... »

Tea Time

By Mary Beth Schwartz A Cup A Day Keeps The Doctor Away More tea is drunk around the world than any other beverage. In fact, in China, tea is a core component of both casual and formal occasions. The art of drinking and serving tea is a time to relax and enjoy its taste and smell. In Japan, tea practitioners study for years to be able to perform the art of the tea ceremony... »

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