Makeup Tips & Tricks

By Kathryn M. D’Imperio As the seasons  change from one to the next, countless new makeup products and updated colors for old favorites become available. From new flavors of lip balm to hot new colors of eye shadow, the possibilities and combinations are endless. Choosing new makeup products to complement the season is a great way to welcome change. Even when you’ve alread... »

Looking Good at Any Age

By Kathryn M. D’Imperio From soft, radiant skin to lustrous hair and a lean physique, we all long to look great, no matter what our age. Health and beauty companies know this and offer an array of potions, creams, and products to chase away wrinkles, gray hair, and other elements of the body’s so-called imperfections or signs of aging. When it comes down to it, women can a... »

The Truth About Plastic Surgery

By Jennifer LoConte Whether performed as medical re-constructive surgery or an elected cosmetic procedure, plastic surgery continues to be one of the most popular services performed in the United States. Men and women of all ages, ethnicities and income levels seek to make changes to their bodies in some capacity and if not covered by insurance, continue to spend large amo... »

What's New in Summer Camps

By Frederick Jerant Summertime means freedom from pencils, books (and teachers’ dirty looks), but it can also be rife with boredom—swimming pools and playgrounds don’t have quite the same allure after a while. But don’t despair, parents. Many local day camps provide weeks of stimulating close-to-home activities. Here’s a quick look at some of them. SWING TIME Aspiring jazz... »

Going to Great Lengths: An Interview with Nicole Misero Vazquez

By Christine A. Krahling A licensed cosmetologist since May 1998, Nicole Misero Vazquez started working in a salon when she was 15 years old, answering phones, shampooing, sweeping and keeping up with the laundry. Flash-forward to today and Vazquez has created quite a career for herself in the fast-growing business of hair extensions. Between receiving inquiries from clien... »

Do I Need a Life Coach?

By Sara Vigneri For many of us, the current economic climate is a reason to worry about the future. But for some, it has become an opportunity to dream. When the future seems dim and uncertain, why not take the chance to rethink where you are and where you want to be? One of the best ways to facilitate this kind of change is to enlist the help of a life coach. A life coach... »

The Green Outdoors

By Ruth Heil On most days, outdoors is the place to be. The sounds alone relieve my day-to-day tension: a calling sparrow, a breeze through the trees or a honeybee buzzing from clover to clover. Plus, when I warm my back in the sun, fill my lungs with fresh air, catch the scent of a lily patch, or drop a fresh-picked strawberry on my tongue, I can only hope heaven is as be... »

Glorious Grains

By Melanie Gold Grains are the foundation of the world’s diet. Generally speaking, grains are easy to grow, easy to prepare, and rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein. They’re a staple in the “clean food” movement and provide excellent sources of complex carbohydrates (the “good” carbs). Today’s tasty, healthy grains aren’t just about oat bran and brown rice. Accor... »

Location, Location, Location: Event Planning in the Lehigh Valley

By Sara Hauff Doran One of the most important decisions to make when  planning a  special event is its location. Choosing the right caterer is another. It’s vital to  research different venues and choose the one that fits your style. Here are some Lehigh Valley area locations to consider: ALLENTOWN SYMPHONY HALL If you are a fan of live music and have a large  guest list, ... »

What’s New in Farmers’ Markets

You just can’t beat the sweet tang that explodes in your mouth when you bite into a really ripe tomato, fresh off the vine. And homegrown strawberries are beyond exquisite. But if you don’t have the time (or room) for a backyard garden, you can still enjoy fabulous fruits, vegetables and other products by visiting the many farmers’ markets that dot our area. Here’s a quick... »

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