By J.F. Pirro Though it’s not her intent, Allentown’s Jennifer Graffman could scare you off with her story about the time she ran into three bears, a mamma and two cubs, in a ravine at Delaware Water Gap in November 2003. “I stood very still,” she remembers. “She was growling and hollering, and then she figured out it was okay, that I wasn’t going to do anything. It took m... »

Sun Sense

By Maureen Sangiorgio The cold, dreary winter is finally over and you can’t WAIT for the first warm, sunny day to lie out and soak up the sun’s rays. Tans look so sexy, yet thoughts of malignant melanoma run through your head. Truth be told, skin cancer is the most common type of cancer­­— and rates are rising. So is there really a smart way to tan? According to the expert... »

The Sands Casino Food & Beverage Director

By Laurie Teter On the Friday afternoon of Memorial Day weekend, I am escorted down a long, tan-colored hallway through the administrative offices at the Sands Casino in Bethlehem. I can’t help but notice that the décor on the second floor is in sharp contrast to the dazzling, shiny bling of the casino floor. Well before I reach my destination, it’s obvious I am “behind th... »

Knee Injuries Prevention and Treatment

By Maureen Sangiorgio There’s no other way to say it – Patrick Letourneau was a sensation on the soccer field at Freedom High School. He was the Morning Call and Express Times Soccer Player of the Year, an All-State player two years in a row, the conference MVP and an All-District Team member. (Brains accompanied brawn, too, as he would go on to graduate third in his class... »

Grilling 101

By Jewels Quelly Which grilling team are you on? Are you a staunch supporter of gas grilling or a stalwart enthusiast of charcoal grilling? The defense of each technique can get as intense as a longtime football rivalry. Each method comes with its own advantages. Gas grilling is as convenient as outdoor cooking can get. Push an igniter and the heat is on. Cooking and clean... »

The Family That Reads Together

By Sara Hodon Few pastimes bring families together like reading. No matter your age, background, or favorite genre, there’s nothing like sharing the experience of a good book. Whatever fills your family’s schedule, it’s important to make reading a regular practice. Across the Lehigh Valley, there are numerous programs available to help children, parents, and families impro... »

Healing Gardens For The Soul

By Scott Rothenberger Public gardens are fast becoming community gardens as more individuals in urban settings turn to Mother Nature to help heal the heart. Living in an area with a wealth of public green places like the Greater Lehigh Valley provides wonderful escapes for families during beautiful sunny days. I’ll take you on a tour of some of the area’s “healing gardens,... »

Caring For Aging Parents

By Nancy Moffett Mom is starting to lose track of when and how much medicine she takes. Dad is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, has set the microwave on fire and sometimes doesn’t know what day it is. Meanwhile, you’re trying to earn a living and have children who need attention, too. You want to help your parents and see that they’re taken care of, but how do you handl... »

Relieving the Pain of Spinal Stenosis

By Maureen Sangiorgio When William Stowell started getting excruciating pain down his leg last March, he thought his active lifestyle was over. “I used to run marathons,” recalls Stowell, 53, a Service Electric repairman. “But then all of a sudden, I was in agony. I couldn’t take a step without the pain feeling like a lightning bolt shooting down my leg.” Doctors diagnosed... »

Guys' Night Out

By Cathy Kiley The Valley is loaded with places to party with friends. For this issue, I called a few guys and headed out to explore fun places to meet, eat a juicy burger, pizza or wings, watch a game and enjoy a beer. Let’s start with The Pigs. The Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs kicked off another season in  April and tickets are still available for upcoming home games at Allen... »

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