Letter From The Editor

“A woman whose smile is open and whose expression is glad has a kind of beauty no matter what she wears.”—Anne Roiphe

Dear Readers,

No matter what our age, we’re never too old to look and feel our best. Whether we work outside the home, spend time caring for our families, do a combination of both–or something entirely different–maintaining a healthy mind, body and outlook are important to leading long, productive lives.

Looking and feeling good means different things to different people. We kept that in mind when planning this issue which focuses on women’s health, fashion and beauty. You’ll find lots of great articles on a variety of topics that were not only fun to put together but enlightening, too.

Wherever you are in life, you’ll benefit from reading Kathryn D’Imperio’s, “Looking Good at any Age” which discusses how to meet your skin, hair and fitness needs as you get older. If it’s time to take stock mentally and forge a new chapter in your life, but you don’t know how, turn to “Do I Need a Life Coach?” by Sara Vigneri to learn if hiring one is for you. And, if you want to take looking good to the next level, read Jennifer LoConte’s, “The Truth about Plastic Surgery.” You’ll be armed with the proper information should you decide to take the leap.

If your closet is full of clothes, but you find yourself constantly saying, “I’ve got nothing to wear!” look no further than Mary Beth Schwartz’s “Wardrobe Bliss.” Once you’ve made room for some colorful spring clothes, check out “Hot Ticket,” and then go shopping for new additions to your newly organized closet! When you return from a long, hard day of shopping (hey, it can be a workout sometimes!), read our “Health Watch” department and learn about different types of massage and the health benefits each has to offer. Evidence suggests that the more we use massage, the better we’ll feel.

Since doing good is connected to feeling good, I think this is the perfect time to bring attention to an important page in Lehigh Valley Marketplace: the Corkboard. If you don’t make this page an automatic “go-to” when you receive your issue, I urge you to do so. In fact, before I became editor, the Corkboard was the first page I turned to when my issue arrived to find out what great things were happening in my area. Since space is limited, we include many more event happenings on our online Corkboard at lehighvalleymarketplace.com. Check out the rest of our website while you’re there. If you know of an upcoming, local, nonprofit event, send me the details. I want to know—because you live here!

Christine A. Krahling – Editor

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