June 2011

Summer Pet Smarts

By Laura B. Teter As we start to spend more time outdoors, our pets do, too.  Given that, we need to bear our pets’ health in mind and take the following into consideration: According to Dr. David Ferrari, co-owner of Lehigh Valley Animal Hospital, some of the more familiar issues include parasites, heatstroke and injuries related to increased outdoor activity. Parasites a... »

The Trials of a Trampoline

By Sara Vigneri Last summer, my kids begged me to buy them a trampoline. So my husband trekked out to the sporting goods store and brought home a monstrous box. My daughter could not contain her excitement and was practically frothing at the mouth as we unloaded the package. Assembling the trampoline was a potentially life-threatening event as my husband and I muscled the ... »

Budget-Friendly Travel Planning

By Eleanor Jacobs If sky-rocketing gasoline prices, a smaller than usual bonus, or an unexpected job loss has derailed your vacation plans this year, you are not alone.  Many families will be foregoing the traditional vacation opting instead for a “stay-cation.”  Congratulations to the decision maker for selecting this choice rather than using the “go now, pay later” optio... »

Home Aquariums

By Nancy Moffett Even though we’re in the height of summer, it’s not too early to think about the long indoor months ahead. When it’s bleak outdoors, wouldn’t it be nice to have something natural and colorful to focus on indoors? An aquarium can serve as both an aesthetic element and an antidote to winter doldrums. Studies have shown that gazing at a fish aquarium helps Al... »

The Farmhouse

By Cathy Kiley It is no secret that, for years, I listed The Farmhouse among my favorite dining establishments in the greater Lehigh Valley. I praised not only the wonderful food, but also its ambiance and professional, unpretentious service, all served up in a glorious old farmhouse sitting on the outskirts of the quaint Borough of Emmaus. The Farmhouse was one of the fir... »

Generations of Fun

By Sara Vigneri In the good old days, parents were able to raise “free-range” children over summer vacation – they opened the door in the morning and their kids roamed the neighborhood from sun-up to sundown. However, today’s parents are saddled with demanding work schedules and, in some cases, unsafe neighborhoods and are turning to grandparents to care for their children... »

Letter From The Editor

“A woman whose smile is open and whose expression is glad has a kind of beauty no matter what she wears.”—Anne Roiphe Dear Readers, No matter what our age, we’re never too old to look and feel our best. Whether we work outside the home, spend time caring for our families, do a combination of both–or something entirely different–maintaining a healthy mind, body ... »

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