March 2012

The Garden Clubbers

By Mary Beth Schwartz For those who love to garden and socialize, the Lehigh Valley offers a bunch of garden clubs to join. According to the National Gardening Association, gardening is the number one hobby in America. Every April, the National Gardening Association (NGA) celebrates National Garden Month. According to the NGA, gardeners know, and research confirms, that nu... »

Pancreatic Cancer: A Silent Killer

By Jennifer LoConte Before Sept. 27th, 2009, I knew nothing about pancreatic cancer. I didn’t know that it is the fourth deadliest cancer in the U.S., or that there is no early detection, limited treatment and finally, no cure. That early fall morning, my mother was diagnosed with Stage IV Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer. For 51 short days, she fought a losing battle. I watch... »

Gifts in Bloom

By Sara Vigneri While the weather is too cold for gardening, the scent of spring is in the air and that means green thumbs are itching to get started on their gardens. These gifts will help tide them over until they can start digging. Waterproof galoshes, $39.99 Yellow pot with drainage, $7.99 Neighbor’s Home and Garden Center 38 South Main Street, Hellertown 610.838... »

Tattoos for All

By Sara Vigneri I have a guilty pleasure that I’m sure many of you can relate to. I love to indulge in watching reality television. I have watched Hoarders, Toddlers & Tiaras, The Real Housewives and my latest obsession, Miami Ink–a show about a tattoo shop. Tattooing has held a fascination for me in general, mostly because of the span of quality and taste that e... »

The Lehigh County Historical Society: Making History Come to Life for the Whole Family

By Angela Bristow Put down the history books and let history come to life right before your eyes by visiting the Lehigh County Historical Society’s museum sites. “People can see these artifacts and it gives them a connection to the past. They can understand history so much better,” says Jill Youngken, Assistant Director of the Lehigh County Historical Society, headquartere... »

The Pinball Enthusiasts

By J.F. Pirro In American entertainment circles, if video killed the radio star, the advent of video games slowly smothered pinball machines. Then, as video games became smaller, arcades dried up, too. Conversely, as houses were built bigger, basement recreation rooms became modern in-house arcades—and pinball has since rebounded. Denise and Brian Heins’ Whitehall basement... »

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