September 2010

The Librarian

By Kathryn Finegan Clark It’s June 24, 2010. This day in the life of Jane Moyer is different from all other days in her nearly 100 years — and it is perhaps one of her proudest, most anticipated moments. After 75 years on the job and weeks of upheaval readying for a gigantic move, she starts work in a new office in the brand new Sigal Museum on Easton’s Northampton Street.... »

Dial ‘M’ for Mortgage

By Rick Koze Building a new home has many facets that require coordination with the customer. The home-building process is not an easy one, but using an experienced builder will help allay your fears, especially when it comes to applying for a mortgage. I’ve worked with thousands of customers during the home-buying process since taking over the helm at Kay Builders, and on... »

Navigating the College Loan Process

By Suzan French It’s September and for most students, school is once again in session. The hustle and bustle of preparing for back-to-school has subsided; parents and students alike can take a breather and start settling into a routine. But not for long. The college financial aid process begins in just a few, short months. Hence, there is no better time than the present (w... »

The Truth About Homeschooling

By Sara Vigneri Overcrowded classrooms. Teacher strikes. One learning style fits all. It’s easy to understand why parents might want to take their child’s education into their own hands. And while homeschooling was historically associated with religious movements, a growing number of parents are choosing to educate at home because they feel it better suits the needs of the... »

The Path to Lifelong Learning

By Sara Hodon Earning a college degree may seem like an unattainable goal but with more flexible program and scheduling options available to adult learners, receiving that diploma may not be as impossible as you might think. Unlike traditional 18-22-year old college students, adult learners, sometimes called “nontraditional” or “lifelong learning” students,  have many more... »

In Defense of Social Media

By Jen Kach I had to fight for a Facebook page. It was 2008, just after my high school graduation, and the majority of my friends had one. I wouldn’t say I follow trends blindly, a la “Oh, Pippi Longstocking braids are in? Let me break out the wire hangers and red ribbon ASAP!” But I do get inspiration from what I see around me, from what everyone else is doing. And what e... »

What Color is your Child's Parachute?

By Lori McLaughlin I’ll never forgive my parents for not giving me violin lessons. In elementary school I had the itch to learn but Mom and Dad declined, arguing piano lessons were more practical. After all, more homes had pianos than violins in the living room for impromptu performances at family gatherings. I don’t recall where the violin urge came from, but I’ve always ... »

Fair Trade in the Valley

By Melanie Gold When Jon Clark started Home and Planet in a Macungie warehouse in 1996, his focus was on retailing environmentally responsible items. Back then, he says, “fair trade” was a term that really didn’t factor into his business plan. (Fair trade usually refers to goods produced in developing countries that are sold here.) Over time, though, as he expanded his bus... »


By Kathryn Finegan Clark Coopersburg’s birth and growth are carved dramatically on the borough seal which features three important symbols: seven stars, a cow and a wheel. The stars commemorate the name of the settlement’s first hotel erected between 1745 and 1750 along what was to become Bethlehem Pike. That road was opened in 1755 and ran from Philadelphia to Bethlehem. ... »

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