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Since 1987, customers have relied on this family-owned premier appliance store for their selection, expertise, and excellent customer service.

You walk into a box store and are bombarded by boring aisles of appliances. You search for a sales associate. You go to Customer Service and ask for a sales associate. You wait for the sales associate. Ten minutes go by and your frustration grows. Finally the sales associate arrives and has little or no knowledge about the appliance you want. When you find the appliance basically on your own, it ends up being out of stock or can’t be delivered for two weeks. This nightmare could have been avoided with a trip to Allentown Appliance.

It all started back in 1987 with appliance repair, according to Joe Schaefer, President of Allentown Appliance.

His family was in the new and used furniture business at the time, and sold new and used appliances on a very small scale. Schaefer started a side business repairing appliances. Soon he wanted to go into the appliance business. With $8,000 he purchased a small storefront on 10th Street. He repaired and resold appliances. One thing led to another and he had the opportunity to sell new appliances. In 1996, his sister Jill Schaefer came on board with her marketing and technology talents. Now, 32 years later, Allentown Appliance prides itself on being the Lehigh Valley’s premier family-owned appliance store with a focus on providing excellent customer service.

What sets Allentown Appliance apart from the competition? “We are the professional appliance people,” Schaefer says. The company has career employees. They have made a career working out of the appliance business. They are dedicated, know the industry, and know the customer base. “High-end or value-oriented, we can help you select your new major kitchen appliances.” Allentown Appliance deals with a wide variety of appliances. Some of the brands, such as Sub-Zero, Wolf, JennAir. Miele, and Thermador, are exclusive to the Lehigh Valley. “Certain brands require expertise to be sold. Our installers are certified. Our sales staff travels to manufacturing and training facilities for many of the brands that we sell.” Allentown Appliance has over 60 brands from AGA to Zephyr. It also is part of Intercounty Appliance Corporation, a large buying co-op based in Long Island.

Allentown Appliance is always growing.

Back in 2008, they remodeled their showroom with vibrant colors and kitchen vignettes. “It is organized in a way that makes shopping a true pleasure,” Schaefer says. “You will see appliances displayed that you might not see at other stores. We have walls of wall ovens, cooktops, dishwashers, even range hoods. There are built-in wine coolers, refrigerators, steam ovens, and coffee systems. Appliances are boring when you think about it. If appliances can be fun, we are it.” Starting in August of this year, customers will see another change. “We are closing our Counter Culture store on 19th Street. Instead, we are going to make the sister company a store within Allentown Appliance.”

Counter Culture was founded six years ago. According to Schaefer, it all started with Miele vacuum cleaners. Then came Miele high-end coffee machines. “Imagine an incredible cup of coffee that starts with the grinding of fresh coffee beans and ends with a fine pressing.” Riedel glassware came to the store through Miele. Miele dishwashers are approved for Riedel glassware. Soon came Wolf with toasters, toaster ovens, blenders, knives, and cookware to match their ranges and ovens. From there it took off. Counter Culture at Allentown Appliance will continue to offer its high-end kitchen accessories, along with wine tastings. “In the fall we will be hosting a wine tasting. We will partner with Riedel and a local winery. For a cost our guests will receive a wine tasting set of glassware. It is not just about the wine. We educate about the types of glasses available to enhance the type of wine that you are drinking,” Schaefer says.

Just like accessories, Allentown Appliance stays on top of the latest appliance trends. Manufacturers are introducing products with special finishes. Today’s homeowners want to make a statement with slate, black stainless, even iridium. People also want to be connected. You can communicate wirelessly through your smartphone. “You can pay the manufacturer to monitor the system. Text alerts can be sent for failure, filter changes, even if a door is left open,” Schaefer says. Manufacturers are incorporating air frying into ovens. Some manufacturers allow you to grill and steam cook in your oven—without buying separate equipment. Retro, voice activation, and touch control also are sought after.

Many of Allentown Appliance’s clients are doing kitchen projects and remodels. According to Schaefer, the same care should be taken in selecting appliances as flooring, countertops, lighting, and cabinetry. The staff at Allentown Appliance has experience collaborating with kitchen designers, architects, builders, and kitchen companies. Customers can stay updated on the latest promotions, special events, product demonstrations, and wine tastings on Facebook. You can even shop online at

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