Best I Ever Had: Pulled Pork at The Sweet Spot

Best I Ever Had: Pulled Pork at The Sweet Spot

Groundhog Day isn’t as widely celebrated as other holidays, but that wouldn’t be the case if it were up to Terry Ellis, owner of The Sweet Spot in Allentown, who puts the holiday at the top of his list.

Twenty years ago, Ellis began hosting a Groundhog Day neighborhood party where he served his homemade pulled pork recipe. As word spread, instead of heading to Punxsutawney on the special day, friends, family, and strangers came from all around to Ellis’ event, which eventually needed to be relocated from his house to a larger venue to accommodate the expanding guest list.

Nowadays, you don’t have to wait until February 2 to enjoy this regional favorite. The pulled pork is offered exclusively at The Sweet Spot where you can order it any time of the year. Although he likes to keep some of the magic behind the taste under wraps, he reveals it’s a 48-hour process, marinating the pork for 24 hours in his own combination of dry-rubbed herbs and spices, and slow-cooking for another 24 hours. It’s topped with Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce upon serving. The resulting bite of sweet and savory is especially tender and accented with a hint of smokiness. Order it as part of the Hole In One, The Sweet Spot’s pulled pork sandwich, with a side of their equally extraordinary Sweet Potato Tots, and you’ll be coming back much more than once a year!

The pulled pork shows up in various other menu favorites, including the Steel Hog, the Pork Quesadilla, and the nachos. It can also be added to the Fairway Fries and the mac and cheese. 


In addition to a restaurant and bar, The Sweet Spot offers interactive sport gameplay. Equipped with five Topgolf Swing Suite high definition simulators, you can bring the whole family, or a group of friends, to play a round of golf, zombie dodgeball, baseball, football, and a whole lot more.

The Sweet Spot
2805 Lehigh St.

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