Breast Cancer Screenings 101

Experts recommend two key practices for early detection of breast cancer: self-checks and mammograms. Here’s what you need to know about both. 

Self-checks: Women should perform regular self-breast exams. For instructions on how to perform a self-exam, visit If you find a lump or dimple, or notice nipple discharge, it’s important to see your doctor ASAP. 

Mammograms: These were first recommended by the American Cancer Society (ACS) for detection of breast cancer in 1976, and they’re still the standard. The ACS says that women should have their first screening mammogram by age 45, and that they should have the choice to start screening as early as age 40. Bonus: Mammograms are better and safer than ever—especially if you go to a facility with modern equipment and experts specifically trained in breast health. St. Luke’s offers 3D screening mammograms at Women’s Breast Imaging Centers throughout the Greater Lehigh Valley—with the lowest dose radiation possible.

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