Buss Paint and Wallpaper

Buss Paint and Wallpaper

The time has come to paint or wallpaper your house. You have endless possibilities of colors and designs, and may have tons of ideas bouncing around your head. Where do you start? With so many colors, how do you pick one? What finish should you go with? Once you’ve settled on a color you like, there’s always the chance that while it looks great on a swatch in a store, four walls of the shade might clash with your decor. Fortunately, there’s a store in Emmaus—Buss Paint & Wallpaper—that has a team of helpful and knowledgeable employees eager to help you with your project.

Before the 1950s, buying paint in the Lehigh Valley was a simple business transaction until Carl Buss decided that it should be an experience instead. In 1955, Buss started a paint and wallpaper business that would go above and beyond the expectations of what is typically offered at an interior supply product retailer.

Starting out, word of mouth went a long way for Buss in growing his business. He was especially known for his excellent color-matching talent, so customers would travel long distances to get his help with finding the perfect color for their homes and businesses.

After 22 years of growing his business, Buss sold the store to Jim Capehart. Eleven years after that, Scott Flexer became the sole owner of Buss Paint & Wallpaper. Today, Flexer takes pride in owning “the best paint store in the Lehigh Valley.”

What makes Buss Paint and Wallpaper so outstanding? Over 175 years of collective experience helps. Right now, they have a team of five paint professionals with 20 to 40 years of experience, three interior decorators, a window treatment specialist, and a commercial contractor, creating a dynamic group that can offer services to just about anyone looking to improve their home interior.

You can easily stop by the store to make a quick purchase, but Buss Paint & Wallpaper also provides a handful of services to their customers. If you have a good vision of what vibe you’re going for in your home, but could use a little direction, free in-store color design help is provided. Have no idea what you’re doing? That’s okay: there are three experienced interior designers who are available for in-home consultation at an hourly rate. Additionally, Hunter Douglas window treatments are available with free quotes, measuring, and installation by treatment expert Randy Moser. 

Need a color match or custom tinting? The team has you covered. In fact, there’s one guarantee they stand behind: “If we can’t match your paint or stain—you don’t have to buy it!” Finding a color shouldn’t be a problem considering that they have a great selection of brands, including Benjamin Moore, Sikkens, Zar, Coronado, Pittsburgh, and beyond. Currently, they are in the works of bringing in another high-quality brand, C2 Paint, which should be available in early March. “We always pride ourselves in carrying the best products in the market,” says Flexer.

Furthermore, just a block down the road from the store is a whole warehouse full of pallets of paint—thousands of gallons of it—making Flexer confident that they have “more product than Home Depot.”

Buss Paint & Wallpaper not only provides services to homeowners, but contractors and commercial customers like colleges and hospitals. Bill Kuczewski joined the team six years ago with more than 40 years of outside sales experience, now working with contractors and commercial customers to give them the best service possible. Having Kuczewski on the road “really opened us up for a lot of things,” says Flexer.

In addition to all of the services homeowners can get, contractors and commercial customers also receive competitive job quote pricing for paints, stains, and wallpaper, special pricing on quantity orders of painters tools, and free delivery of the products.

One extra little detail that goes a long way for all customers is the option to create an account with the store to keep track of their purchase history. That way, if you need to do a touch up years later from your paint job but don’t quite remember what color you bought, Buss can look it up for you.

With all of these products and amenities they provide, it’s easy to see how Buss Paint & Wallpaper is a beloved local business. Whether you need to freshen up—or add a little pizzazz—to your kitchen or bedroom, are looking to get your windows treated, or are planning a bigger commercial project, Buss Paint & Wallpaper has everything you need to get started with your new vision.

Buss Paint & Wallpaper
327 Main St, Emmaus

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