Going Native

Going Native

What is a native plant?

Native Pennsylvania plants are ones that grew here before European settlers set foot into the state, as opposed to exotic plants that came from other countries at a later date.

What are the benefits of native plants?

Native plants evolved here, so they are adapted to our specific climate and thrive once they are established. Some native perennials require the addition of little or no fertilizer, but perhaps the biggest benefit is the preservation of Pennsylvania’s biodiversity. Rapid development has bulldozed through native plants, leaving a sprawl of lawns and exotic plants in its wake. Native insects rely on feeding on native plants—an absence of native plants means an absence of native insects, which will eventually lead to a reduction of bird species. In the years to come, the plants we choose to have will directly impact the wildlife that we can see and support.

When is the best time to plant?

Spring, early summer, and fall are the best times to establish native perennials. April is the perfect time to plant natives such as Wild Ginger, Blue Wild Indigo, Wild Geranium, and Virginia Bluebells. Start planning now and start digging in a few weeks!

For questions regarding native plants contact regional experts Louise Schaefer and Susan Tantsits at Edge of the Wood Nursery.

610.395.2570 • edgeofthewoodsnursery.com

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