Halloweenify Your Home

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The tale of Halloween’s beginning goes back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain—a day devoted to turning away ghosts, as the Celts believed ghosts returned to be among the living on that day. People roasted their bonfires high and donned costumes to chase away spirits, but this time also celebrates the arrival of harvest time and the advent of the darker half of the year.

Traditions of Samhain carried through to our current All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day, celebrated on November 1 and November 2, respectively. The night before All Saints’ Day took on the name All Hallows Eve, which soon shortened to Halloween and brought with it the traditions of dressing up in costume. Over time, the holiday evolved and took on more pleasantries, such as parties, festivals, parades, candy, and other sweet treats.


Decorating for Halloween is one way to embrace the tradition with your family each year. Consider these fun tips for quick and easy Halloween decorations.

Decorate your door. Begin your decorating outside for greatest impact. Add a spooky or fall-themed wreath to your front door for immediate visual appeal. If you don’t have an existing hook, use a metal wreath hanger that goes over the door itself.

Snazz up your porch. Stacks of haybales, piles of Indian corn, and a gathering of gourds look wonderful, and they’re such an easy addition to your outdoor décor. Hit up your favorite farm stand and stock up—your Halloween country corner also doubles as an adorable fall photo backdrop for your favorite trick-or-treaters!

Choose lighting to add to the mood. Pathway markers with jack-o-lantern heads, orange string lights, or even a light projector would add an eerie yet enjoyable vibe to your home for Halloween.

Don’t forget the inside! Decorate your favorite indoor areas with a little Halloween swag, too. Try door beads in Halloween colors for unique transitions and add a few fake cobwebs in the most opportune spaces—your chandelier, your children’s chairs at the table, and other places where they’re sure to delight.

Bring decorations to another level. Add the element of audio. Set up a Bluetooth speaker playing creepy sounds or Halloween tunes for all to enjoy.

Bonus Tip:

For some local decorating fun that goes beyond your own home, consider joining up with the Lehigh Valley Rocks group on Facebook. Paint some rocks on your own or with your family and then have fun hiding them for others to find according to the rules of the group. Halloween and fall-themed rocks would be perfect painting projects this time of year!

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