Invest in your smile

Invest in your smile

Insights into Cosmetic Dentistry—looking great and feeling confident for the holidays and beyond

Your smile is your calling card. It’s the first thing people notice. Having a smile that you’re not so proud of can make you feel bad about yourself, impact your relationships, and your career, says Dr. Fayez Baki of Keystone Dentistry.

Baki is seeing more and more patients who want to update their smile and put their best self forward. He’s been in private practice since 2002 and operates locations in both Bethlehem and Nazareth.

“People today are much more aesthetically conscious than ever before; everybody wants a nice bright smile,” Baki says. “Smiles convey a lot of emotion.”

Baki attended New York University College of Dentistry and holds certifications in implant dentistry and Invisalign. To date, he has placed over 10,000 units of porcelain in patients’ mouths, has over 1,000 hours of continuing education, and has been voted one of America’s top dentists by his peers.

His services include porcelain veneers, whitening restoration with white fillings, and laser recontouring to enhance the gumline to give teeth a fuller appearance. With the latter, teeth fit better in the mouth and within aesthetic proportions.

“Patients come in who have existing dentistry that is no longer functionally sufficient or aesthetically pleasing,” Baki says. “Cosmetic dentistry is the art of restoring teeth to their natural condition or enhancing them to restore function and/or beauty.”

Baki says clients come in seeking cosmetic work for 1 or 2 chipped teeth, lightening and whitening, or veneers. He sees more and more middle-aged people who want to “invest in themselves” and are ready to spend money on their health and appearance. Clients also come in prior to getting married or rejuvenating themselves after a divorce.

 “The goal is to restore function in an aesthetic manner,” Baki says. “Over time, teeth wear down. You never build more enamel or more calcium.”

Teeth become discolored or misshapen due to genetics, an incident, or other event. Over time, teeth are exposed to wear and tear from crunching, grinding, chewing, and chipping. Baki says grinding teeth is underdiagnosed and places a significant amount of tension and load on the teeth.

“Cosmetic dentistry is for anybody looking to enhance aesthetics – there’s no one age or type,” Baki says.

Lisa Ruth of Nazareth has been a patient for the past two and a half years. She’s had crowns and veneers put in place, transforming her smile.

“They came out beautifully and better than ever expected,” Ruth says.

She enjoyed the private, personalized experience at the Bethlehem office. “If you want the experience to be private, it’s your call,” she says. “The entire staff is awesome.”

Ruth says she used to hate dental cleanings, but now goes to Keystone Dentistry for everything—cosmetic dentistry, cleanings, whitening, and fillings. She enjoys the individualized care and is extremely comfortable with the staff.

“They’re so warm and friendly, and everybody in the office knows who you are. It’s really obvious Dr. Baki and his staff strive to deliver the highest standards of dental care and an absolutely exceptional experience.”

Ruth says Dr. Baki “is very detail oriented and meticulous.”

“Unique to the Lehigh Valley, our practice, our services, and our expectations compare more closely to standards seen in larger markets like New York and Philadelphia,” Baki says.

“True cosmetic dentistry is an art. It involves a lot of training, an eye for detail, understanding symmetry and facial aesthetics,” Baki continues.

To build a balanced smile design, it’s important to visualize and analyze aesthetics before beginning—facial features, skin tone, eye color, spacing, and face length are all taken into account. Patients can try on temporary teeth or adjust the shape of the Digital Smile Design to see how they look before actual reshaping begins.

“The goal is to get people to take care of themselves and invest in keeping their teeth in tip-top shape,” Baki says. “It’s important to maintain overall health beginning with the mouth. It’s also important to feel great about yourself,” he continues.

For long term dental health, avoid sodas and juices (which cause erosion) and nail biting. Aggressive brushing damages teeth and patients should use the softest brush possible, preferably an electric toothbrush which controls pressure and eliminates operator error.

Potential patients can call to set up a consultation where they can share their needs and goals with Dr. Baki. There is transparency throughout the process, so patients feel comfortable each step of the way.

Keystone Dentistry is a five-star rated service and facility. Offices are located on Nazareth Pike in Bethlehem and Main Street in Nazareth. Anyone can call 610-849-2777 for a consultation.

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