Jeffrey J. Febbo, CFP®

Jeffrey J. Febbo, CFP®

It’s never too early to start planning for your future. Everyone’s future looks a little different, and the bricks used to pave the way also vary from one household to the next. No matter what your future financial goals happen to be, it’s important to establish and stick to a savings plan… and there’s no better time to do so than right now.

Certified Financial Planner Jeffrey Febbo enjoys helping people in different phases of life work toward their financial goals. Jeffrey J. Febbo, CFP®, focuses on a variety of financial services, including income planning, retirement planning, employer-provided retirement planning, college planning, and estate and succession planning.

“For the last thirty years, I’ve always considered myself to be in the helping people business,” says Febbo, a member of the Cetera Financial Specialists Leaders Council. “Whether it’s helping people send their children to college, helping them plan for a better retirement, or helping them become financially independent, it’s always been about helping solve for clients’ long term goals. I guess that was my inspiration for becoming a financial adviser.”


Lehigh Valley Local

The Febbo family holds strong ties to the Lehigh Valley. Jeffrey Febbo has lived and worked in the Lehigh Valley for the majority of his life, taking a hiatus only to attend college at Fordham University in New York City. His wife Leeann works in the office with him, after retiring from 33 years of teaching high school in New Jersey. Febbo’s son Paul, a 2014 graduate of St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, is in the process of taking his securities exams and will soon be joining the firm. Meanwhile, Paul’s twin sister Caroline is pursuing her Masters degree in Student Affairs at Kutztown University.

Just this fall, Jeffrey J. Febbo, CFP® moved to his current location at 4030 William Penn Highway in Easton, relocating from its previous location at 801 Walnut Avenue in Easton. The current location is newly renovated from its previous lifetime as a Coldwell Banker office that went vacant after some time. The new office location provides easier access, more exposure, and plenty of parking for clients.


Financial Expertise for All Ages

Earning his Certified Financial Planner designation back in 1994, Jeffrey Febbo believes strongly in professionalism, strategy and planning. Some of Febbo’s key investment offerings include mutual funds, managed money, annuities and insurance. Febbo works with clients to create fully customized financial plans for savings and investments that are specific to each client’s unique situation.

“There’s not a magic fund for everyone,” he says.

Febbo advises on trying to put away as much money as you possibly can when you are young. Even before you really start thinking about the future, $100 per month saved can go a long way.

For folks who are more established in their careers, Febbo suggests taking another look at your goals. It’s natural for goals to change when you have children, as you want to ensure they get a good education. Retirement planning also becomes a stronger focus. Whether you are working within an employer’s 401(k) or 403(b) – especially if the employer matches your contributions – or forging ahead as a business owner with a SEP IRA or a single-tier pension, the power of saving and good money management cannot be overstated.

Febbo works with many of the top investment and insurance companies in the industry. My best advice is to start investing as early as possible, utilize professional management, diversify, don’t try to time the markets, and seek professional advice,” he says.

Febbo adds that it is important not to make decisions in a panic. In his experience, that is where people don’t make money. The market ebbs and flows on a day-to-day basis, but it is important to take a long-term view rather than immediately jumping ship.


Reaping True Rewards

Jeffrey Febbo says some of the best rewards are watching his clients’ financial goals come to fruition. Whether it’s someone retiring at a certain target age or helping to send their kids to the college of their dreams, helping people is what it’s all about. Jeff finds every day spent helping people to be rewarding.

“I guess everybody in the industry has their definition of the ideal wealth management client,” he says. “I don’t know that there is an ideal client because everyone’s situation is different. It’s what makes doing what I do so interesting and challenging. Whether someone has a lot of money or not, everyone has long term goals and we need to find ways to help them reach those goals.”

Febbo also finds it extremely rewarding when the parents he’s helped refer their children to him for financial planning services. It tends to be the ultimate compliment of a job well done, and a testament to the fact that you are never too young to start saving for your future.

“You don’t have to be a millionaire to deal with an adviser,” Febbo says. “The key is making a plan and sticking with it.”

Jeffrey J. Febbo, CFP® is currently open at its new location and available to help with financial planning services for many diverse future goals. For more information, see or call 610.252.0455.

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Photography By Ryan Hulvat

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