November 2014 Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers,

The holidays are knocking on the door and very soon we will find ourselves amid the chaos of preparing for the season. If you tend to equate the next few weeks with yelling at the mall traffic and stressing out to get ready for guests, why not take a new approach – or revert back to an old one – this year:  find peace and joy in a family holiday tradition.

Family traditions are threads that forever bind us to those with whom we share countless celebrations and special occasions. Some date back to childhood; others are beginning for the first time this year. Despite the differences in these rituals, a tradition has been and will always be a trail to our past.

Some of my family’s rituals have evolved over the years while others have stood the test of time. Perhaps the oldest tradition I can recall is the viewing of the Yule log. When I was a little girl, every Christmas Eve we would trek to my grandparents home which was filled with family, friends, food and most certainly love. Without fail, my grandfather, who hailed from Italy, would insist the Yule log and it’s glorious holiday music remain on television throughout the celebration. The burning of the Yule Log has roots that run deep in European culture, but my grandparents did not have a fireplace so the TV version was the next best thing. My grandparents have since passed away; to honor their memory and continue a rich family tradition, the Yule log still burns in our home every Christmas Eve.

What traditions do you, your family and friends have for the holidays? Perhaps it’s the ritual of searching for the perfect Christmas tree or handing out gelt at Hanukkah. Maybe it’s a special memory that revolves around mealtime. Whether it’s scarfing down turkey the day after Thanksgiving or enjoying pork tenderloin to ring in the New Year, we all remember those delicious pastimes we’ve shared with loved ones.

We would love to hear your stories. So pull the hand-stitched cardigan out of the closet and the fruitcake out of the cupboard and tell us all about what brings your clan together year after year. Find us on Facebook (Lehigh Valley Marketplace), click on the Holiday Traditions tab and share your traditions that prove family time is the true joy of the season.

Have a happy and healthy holiday season,

Amy Hines, Editor

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