Rainy Day Fashion

Rainy Day Fashion

By Kathryn M. D’Imperio

Rather than thinking of rain as gloomy and dreary, remember all the redeeming qualities of those little droplets as they fall from the sky. Just the right amount of sunlight can add some sparkle, and a good spring rain helps the crops and flowers grow all around us. And, it gives us a chance to show off our rainy day duds!

Rainy day fashion and beauty tips serve a dual purpose: keeping you dry and protected from the rain and ensuring you look great no matter what the weather. Consider these tips on rainy day hair, makeup, clothing, footwear and outerwear.

Rain-Inspired Clothing and Footwear

Rainy days give you the best excuse to add a pop of color to your outfit! Don’t let the rain and gloom keep you stuck in dull colors. Leave the lifeless behind and have some fun with brighter, bolder hues like yellow, red, pink, blue, green, burgundy and even orange. Mix and match muted patterns with vibrant jackets or sweaters and always keep the temperature in mind as you choose your outfits.

As for your bottoms, consider skirts or dresses with tights or leggings to keep you warm enough. Also, try not to wear your longest jeans if they drag at all or even come close to the ground. Any puddles you encounter when walking outside can swiftly soak your jeans up to your calves if you step in any of them – a common complaint about wearing pants on rainy days.

Men looking for a few rainy day fashion tips may enjoy a wardrobe of black, charcoal, and gray. This classic color scheme looks professional, attractive and maybe just a bit mysterious.


Footwear Fit for Puddles

Whether you prefer bright colors and fun patterns or basic browns, blacks or grays, boots can be a truly fashionable and functional choice for rainy days. Keep your feet warm and dry, your pants protected from the puddles, and enhance your outfit all at the same time. You can find a great selection of rain boots at boutique and other stores in the Valley and online, offered in just about any color scheme or pattern. If boots aren’t your thing, checkout rain “skimmers” or slip-ons.

Your favorite fashion boots may also stand up well to the rain as long as they aren’t suede or delicate leather. Some leathers may withstand the weather fairly well, but sometimes it’s best not to take the chance. If you like, you can always wear your rain boots while commuting, toting your shoes with you to change once you arrive. Stylish clogs and mules may be another option for rainy day footwear, often including a chunky heel that laughs in the face of puddles and a little rain.


Coats and Accessories

A trench coat makes a sassy fashion statement without going overboard. This look is timeless and looks great with so many outfit choices as well. Consider tan or taupe, black, white, chocolate or even colored hues like lavender or bright pink. A hooded raincoat may also serve you well, so consider bright colors, patterns or more sedate shades to suit your wardrobe preferences.

Many people like to accent their outfits with scarves when the skies open up, adding a bit of warmth and comfort to their sense of style. You can find scarves in every shape, size, and color, fabric or knit, designed for warmth or simple fashion. Pashmina scarves with a bit of volume or bulky and wide knit or crocheted scarves can be a great choice, depending on the temperature.

Accessorize with fun and fashionable umbrellas. Choose something colorful or unique for yourself, or opt for a large striped golf umbrella for two. Pick a character umbrella when you go out with the kids and consider getting a spare umbrella to keep in your car just in case.

Beyond the fashion and style elements, keep in mind that suede and some leather won’t stand up to getting wet on a rainy day. Choose your clothing, coat, shoes and accessories wisely to avoid ruining your wear.


 Rainy Day Hair Tips

No doubt you’ve heard people complain about the big hair effects of the humidity, especially that of rainy days. Our hairstyles usually don’t stand a chance with rainy, muggy days. If your hair is prone to frizz, you might consider a variety of styling products like gels and styling milk to smooth your locks, especially if you plan to wear your hair down.

You can also skip the drying and straightening and simply style your hair into an up-do using a pretty and classy alligator clip. To achieve this simple yet elegant hairstyle, twist your hair (wet or dry) several times and hold the hair against your head. Open the clip and slide it across the top of the twisted hair, making sure to gather some of the hair behind the twist. Depending on your plans for the day, you might also consider wearing a hat or trying another lovely hairstyle like a bun, braid or even a ponytail.


Makeup for Rainy Days

Rainy days don’t always inspire the most dedicated makeup application. If you have special plans or even if you just like to wear makeup on a daily basis, you might find some products perform better than others. A collection of water-resistant or waterproof cosmetics can save face well beyond sappy movies. Waterproof mascara and water-resistant eyeliner give your eyes the right emphasis without worry over smearing, smudging or running. 

A water-resistant mineral primer can help your makeup stay put by creating an oil-resistant layer between your skin and your cosmetics. A spray foundation product like Dior DiorSkin AirFlash Spray Foundation acts much like airbrushing without the airbrush machine, leaving the skin radiant and without a cakey texture. Makeup setting spray helps to prevent the need for touchups, an especially useful product to have in your arsenal on a rainy day.

You can look and feel great at work or play using these rainy day fashion tips to help you stay dry and stylish. And of course, if you have nowhere to go on the next rainy day, you can always cuddle up in your favorite fuzzy robe or some comfy sweatpants and a hoodie. Don’t forget the fluffy socks or fuzzy bunny slippers!

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