April 2016

Home Office

8 Steps to a Successful Home Office

Do you have a home office? Most households do, whether it is used for the family computer, managing a home-based business, working from home, or taking classes online. The ‘office’ can be something as mobile as wherever you place your laptop (e.g. the kitchen counter, the dining room table), a specific space (the corner of a room, a converted closet), or a dedicated room (... »

Life-Saving Alternatives to Open Heart Surgery

Life-Saving Alternatives to Open Heart Surgery

There’s good news for individuals looking for alternatives to open heart surgery. Recent advances in surgical technique and equipment allow surgeons to perform some heart procedures in a less traumatic way. For individuals who are not candidates for open-heart surgery, there are now minimally invasive procedures to remedy aortic valve stenosis and degenerative mitral valve... »

Smoked Tuna Tartar - Saranda's On Broadway

Saranda’s On Broadway

Saranda’s on Broadway is located in one of Bethlehem’s oldest buildings. Dating back to 1745, this marvelous building has been completely restored keeping much of the original structure intact to maintain the ambiance. Original beams and stone walls are exposed in the bar area accented by Thomas Edison lighting. There were renovations around 1860 when much of the dining ar... »

Autism Awareness

Autism Friendly – Not Just in April but all Year Long

For the families that struggle with autism, the Lehigh Valley and surrounding area offers friendly places to visit and special organizations and events to join. A recent study of parents by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that 1 in 45 children, ages 3 through 17, have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This is much higher than... »

Hot Ticket Garden Goods

Garden Goods

HOT TICKET INDEX NEIGHBORS HOME & GARDEN CENTER 38 Main Street | Hellertown | 610.838.7000 | neighborsgarden.com 1. Assorted Flower & Vegetable seeds – $2.29-3.19 2. Corona Classic Cut Bypass Pruner – $30.99 3. Boss Garden Gloves – $3.99, $4.99 4. Buddy’s Children’s Tools Hand Hoe & Hand      Fork – $2.49/ea. 5. Jiffy Pots – $1.59/... »

Lehigh Valley Coalition for Organ & Tissue Donation

Lehigh Valley Coalition for Organ & Tissue Donation

Most of us are pretty healthy. We skate through life with assorted cuts and bruises, perhaps a broken bone or a bout with the flu. I couldn’t walk more than one block without leaning against a building and trying to catch my breath. But over 122,000 people nationwide (and many in the Lehigh Valley) aren’t so lucky. Their survival depends on receiving a desperately needed o... »

Buzas' Greenhouse and Farm

Buzas’ Greenhouse and Farm

The Lehigh Valley is home to a diverse community with many hardworking business owners in all lines of work. Like the interwoven fibers in a colorful quilt, the people and businesses of a region grow to become a part of its composition. This meaningful symphony of people and places reminds us to keep a local focus whenever possible. In particular, the Valley offers rich fa... »

Car Care Aware

Car Care Aware

This was quite the winter, wasn’t it? If it wasn’t record-breaking snowfall in January, it was slick, icy roads, likely coated with road salt and brine. So with all that winter buildup, how do we make sure our cars are ready for Spring? Taking care of some basic maintenance issues now can avoid them from turning into expensive and dangerous problems. Jack Dungan, Service D... »

West Park Allentown

Allentown’s West Park

A beautiful green space that boasts nearly 400 different varieties of trees and shrubs, Allentown’s historic West Park is located just east of William Allen High School, between West Linden and West Turner Streets. Established at the turn of the 20th Century, the park was created primarily through the efforts of Allentown business magnate Harry C. Trexler. Arguably the cit... »

Justin Klement Enviousart

Justin Klement – Enviousart

“People thought I was crazy,” recalls Justin Klement, but the Whitehall-based artist has never let people’s opinions dictate his life. When some people picture a college football player, they might imagine a genetically gifted young man more concerned with practice and afterparties than going to class. When they imagine a college art major, they might imagine someone dress... »

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