June 2010

Patio Dining Delights

By Carole Gorney Trends come and go, but the popularity of outdoor dining in the Lehigh Valley and nearby communities is here to stay. This season there are no less than five restaurants in downtown Bethlehem that have set up tables and chairs on the sidewalks outside their establishments. Add to that Edge’s patio, and there can be no doubt that open-air dining has become ... »

Family Fun For All…For Less

By Katie Brown It’s that time again. The kids have been out of school for more than a month and parents are faced with the question, “What are we going to do today?” To ease the daunting task of determining the family’s daily goings-on, I’ve compiled a list of activities that are kid-friendly, wallet-friendly and maybe even educational. Let’s start with outdoor activities:... »

The ABC's of Dog Care

By Sara Vigneri Nearly one out of every three households owns a dog — and a majority consider their dog a member of the family. According to the American Pet Products Association, expenses for a dog can reach $1400 annually not to mention the time commitment to train and exercise a dog. Consider this quick ABC guide below if you own a dog or are thinking of adopting a pet ... »

Family Reunion Fun

By Cathy Kiley There is nothing more special and enjoyable than gathering up the family for a reunion to share fond recollections and make new memories. One of the many beautiful things about the Lehigh Valley is its unique location between New York and Philadelphia is its accessibility from every direction. There are so many great spots where you may gather and celebrate ... »


By J.F. Pirro Though it’s not her intent, Allentown’s Jennifer Graffman could scare you off with her story about the time she ran into three bears, a mamma and two cubs, in a ravine at Delaware Water Gap in November 2003. “I stood very still,” she remembers. “She was growling and hollering, and then she figured out it was okay, that I wasn’t going to do anything. It took m... »

Sun Sense

By Maureen Sangiorgio The cold, dreary winter is finally over and you can’t WAIT for the first warm, sunny day to lie out and soak up the sun’s rays. Tans look so sexy, yet thoughts of malignant melanoma run through your head. Truth be told, skin cancer is the most common type of cancer­­— and rates are rising. So is there really a smart way to tan? According to the expert... »

The Sands Casino Food & Beverage Director

By Laurie Teter On the Friday afternoon of Memorial Day weekend, I am escorted down a long, tan-colored hallway through the administrative offices at the Sands Casino in Bethlehem. I can’t help but notice that the décor on the second floor is in sharp contrast to the dazzling, shiny bling of the casino floor. Well before I reach my destination, it’s obvious I am “behind th... »

College Hill

By Kathryn Finegan Clark Easton’s College Hill neighborhood was nothing but a forested and uninhabited hunk of mountain sloping down from the 700 – foot high Chestnut Ridge when America declared its independence in 1776. Easton was one of only three cities where the Declaration of Independence was read publicly on July 4th. The document, its ink barely dry, was read ... »

Summer Sparkle

We searched the Valley for items that will make you sparkle and shine this summer. Here’s what we found: A. Natural And Topaz-Colored Stone Necklace $230 PopMart (Located inside American Hairlines) 74 W. Broad Street Bethlehem, PA (610) 882-9848 americanhairlines.us B. Bling Rings Blue, Pink, Light Green, Gold with Clear Flower $15 each Shuze 17 E. Third Street Bethlehem, ... »

Picture-Perfect Pond

By Nancy Moffett Oh, the joys of summer! Lounging on the patio with a cool drink…soaking up the sunshine in a warm summer breeze…listening to the sound of running water and the chirping of birds. What’s wrong with this picture? No sounds of running water? Perhaps you’ve thought of adding a water feature to your backyard, such as a pond with plants and fish, but are concern... »

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