October 2010

To Your Good Health

Whether the idea of taking care of yourself means a few moments of peace and quiet, being active in the great outdoors or enjoying a soothing massage, look no further. We’ve found some great ways for you to unwind and relax with these products and services. A. Z-Coil Pain Relief Footware – $219.95 Shown in White. Colors and designs vary. Finish Line Running Sto... »

Confessions of a Closet Junk Food Junkie:

By Sara Vigneri One Health Reporter’s Journey to Practice What She Preaches Time is running out. I have a huge reporting assignment due in 24 hours and I haven’t even thought about what to make for dinner. My daughters need help with homework and they have absolutely no clean underwear for school tomorrow. The stress is creeping up but I muddle through. After putting... »

Just Say "Om:" The Health Benefits of Yoga

By Sara Hodon Before settling in to read this story, get comfortable. Close your eyes for a few moments. Take a few deep breaths. Let the day’s stressors ease out of your body. Feel better? You’ve just had a taste of the ancient tradition of yoga. Yoga is the centuries-old practice of aligning a person’s physical, mental, and emotional energies through a series of deep str... »

Cycling For Fun & Fitness

By Kevin Gray Cycling became such a big part of John Strom’s life that he biked to Allentown from Tatamy every day for his job. “It became my transportation,” says Strom, who had been riding bikes since he was four years old. “I’m in love with the whole concept of a bicycle because it’s the most efficient machine that man has ever designed. The amount of energy that goes i... »

Tea Time

By Mary Beth Schwartz A Cup A Day Keeps The Doctor Away More tea is drunk around the world than any other beverage. In fact, in China, tea is a core component of both casual and formal occasions. The art of drinking and serving tea is a time to relax and enjoy its taste and smell. In Japan, tea practitioners study for years to be able to perform the art of the tea ceremony... »

Banishing Bullying

By Sara Vigneri Bullying runs the gamut from teasing to harassment to physical violence, but the results are often the same—the victim feels isolated and depressed and school can turn into a frightening prison. A study published in the journal Pediatrics estimates that 20-30 percent of students are involved in bullying either as victims or perpetrators, or both—victims can... »

Ways To Wellness: Cancer Support In The Lehigh Valley

By Susan Stets While a diagnosis of cancer—of any type—can make someone feel alone quite quickly, there is a plethora of support available for those dealing with cancer and undergoing chemotherapy in the Lehigh Valley. Thankfully, there is no need to “go it alone.” While some cancer survivors seek support services right away–either on the advice of their doctor or a loved ... »

Soaking for Good Health

By Nancy Moffett Oh, the woes of life in the 21st century…arthritis, bursitis, aching muscles, cranky back, stressful days and sleepless nights. Long ago, our ancestors discovered they could relieve these and other ailments by soaking in hot springs. In the United States, resort hotels and towns grew up around these watery retreats. According to the Arthritis Foundation, “... »

What to Know Before Breast Cancer Surgery

By Lee B. Riley, MD, PhD, FACS and Carol Kachmarsky, RN, OCN, BN “Call the doctor. You need a biopsy.” Returning home after a long day, a woman checks the mail and reads these mammogram results. Understandably anxious, she needs to make vital health decisions, and she already feels two weeks behind. Today, more than ever, choosing a highly experienced breast care team is c... »

The Truth About Physician Assistants

By Christine A. Krahling In last month’s “Health Watch” department, we did not accurately discuss the role of the physician assistant in our article, “Choosing the Right Physician for Your Family.” We truly regret this error. Several physician assistants in the Lehigh Valley were quick to inform us that we had a great deal to learn about this highly respected healthcare pr... »

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