There’s Nothing Selfish About Self-Care

There’s Nothing Selfish About Self-Care

When you have a big heart, you find yourself wanting to take care of those around you. Here’s one local mom’s take on why taking care of yourself is the best place to start.

“We cannot share our gifts unless we give to ourselves first. It’s like our flight attendant tells us before we take off: ‘In case of an emergency, place your mask on first before helping others.’ When I take time for self-care, I am able to be the best mother, partner, and friend that I can be.”
– Katie Barbaro Mother of two, ages 10 & 7

Take that nap. Read that book. Go to that spin class. Buy that top-shelf granola. You and the people around you will be better for it.

Katie’s ABC’s of Self-Care

A: Ask. Ask yourself if you need a 5-10 minute break. If so, take it. “Productivity levels drop when we constantly push forward to meet deadlines, playdates, and appointments—and our time with friends and family suffers when we’re mentally fatigued,” Katie says.

B:  Breathe. “Take time to slow down and focus on your breath, allowing your mind and body to reconnect,” Katie says.

C:  Compassion. “Just as you would be concerned about a loved one having a healthy breakfast, drinking enough water, or overbooking her schedule, make sure that you show yourself the same compassion,” Katie says. “Evaluate yourself from the eyes of your best friend.”

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