Woman to Woman: The Power of a Pivot

Woman to Woman: The Power of a Pivot

“We want to bring more joy into people’s lives,” says Nancy Werteen, award-winning broadcast journalist, anchor, and reporter for WFMZ-TV69. Together with certified health coach Kim Howie, she has created the Wisdom Coalition, a collaborative community dedicated to helping women flourish, thrive, and find joy in the journey of life.

The Wisdom Coalition holds local workshops, creates podcasts, and produces the show “Life Lessons” for WFMZ. Now Nancy and Kim have written The Power of a Pivot: How changing your mindset can bring you more joy in every aspect of your life. This central theme is that joy is a choice and, at any moment, we can turn, or pivot, towards choices that make us happier.

“We made a pivot in our own lives and discovered just how powerful positive thinking can be,” explains Kim. So, how can you pivot and find more joy?

Stop! Pause. Be aware of what you’re thinking. Really listen and make sure you are prioritizing positivity in every experience and every interaction throughout your day. Many times we just race from one thing to the next and never take the time to be aware of what we are really thinking or feeling. Listen and challenge the negative thoughts! You’ll find you can easily replace them with positive ones.

For more information, check out thewisdomcoalition.com

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