Your Time Is Valuable, Your Health Is Priceless

Your Time Is Valuable,  Your Health Is Priceless

Busy professional was able to take care of all his health care needs in just one day

While operating multiple business organizations both in the Lehigh Valley and the Midwest, Jim Palmeri admits his schedule is often full. However, he makes his health a priority. “I started my career working in transportation, which is all about preventive maintenance. I think of my body the same way. You want to catch something before it becomes a problem,” he says. That’s why Palmeri chose to enroll in Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) Executive Health program.

LVHN Executive Health Program is a comprehensive medical program geared toward busy professionals and trendsetters who want to prioritize their health but have little time to do so. In just one day, in one location, you will be guided through an LVHN medical exam tailored to your needs. 

Palmeri says a program navigator took him through the LVHN Executive Health experience, however, he felt more like he had a concierge. “My navigator set everything up based on my personal health history. I even had someone come to my house before the appointment to do bloodwork so they would have the results at my appointment,” he says. 

On the day of his appointment, Palmeri went to the LVHN Executive Health Program suite located at 3701 Corriere Road in Palmer Township, Northampton County. He was greeted by his program navigator and given the day’s itinerary. He began his day with imaging studies so that he would have the results later the same day. 

Next, Palmeri met with a primary care physician who did a thorough medical exam and went over his bloodwork results. He said one of the benefits of the program was having the time to talk to his physician. “It was nice to have the doctor focused solely on my health care needs and not feel rushed. I felt that all of the physicians really took the time to answer my questions and spend time with me,” he says. 

In addition to his appointments, Palmeri also enjoyed a healthy lunch and a nutritional assessment that he found beneficial. “I try to eat a balanced diet, but they were able to really break it down and tell me what type of foods I should be eating and avoiding based on my bloodwork,” he says. 

Palmeri was so impressed with his experience, at LVHN Executive Health Program, his wife, a former business owner, and his sister, a retired school administrator and current property manager, made appointments as well. He says he is grateful for the experience and it was worth the time it took from his busy schedule. “I left my appointments that day with the peace of mind that I was in overall good health and had a plan moving forward. I would encourage anyone who thinks they don’t have the time for doctors’ appointments to take advantage of this opportunity,”
he says.

For more information on the LVHN Executive Health Program or to make an appointment, call 888-402-LVHN or visit

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