Lehigh Valley Marketplace’s mission is to positively impact the revenue growth of businesses who provide Lehigh Valley consumers with quality products, quality services, and a distinct uniqueness.

Lehigh Valley Marketplace boasts the tagline “Because you live here” to encourage Lehigh Valley  residents to shop, dine, be entertained, and to purchase quality professional services from locally owned businesses. Lehigh Valley Marketplace proudly introduces and promotes the very best businesses and services to those consumers having a purchasing power well above the median for the Lehigh Valley.

Lehigh Valley Marketplace publishes 10x per year, and each issue is mailed to approximately 80,000 resident-homeowners via the U.S. Postal Service. This in-home delivery model offers our advertisers strict accountability. No other “glossy” published in, and for the Lehigh Valley even comes close to this absolute circulation, and only one daily newspaper exceeds it. And, only the newspapers stand ready to validate their circulation.

Lehigh Valley Marketplace’s circulation is equally distributed to resident – homeowners living in Lehigh and Northampton Counties…with a median income of $110,400. As a point of comparison, the current median income in both counties is approximately $50,000.

Lehigh Valley Marketplace reaches a combined $8.8 billion dollars of potential buying power each time the magazine is published. These resident-homeowners do most of their spending, and purchase most of their professional services from Lehigh Valley businesses. They represent the consumer sect that tends to have higher education levels, and stronger benefit options. They’re concerned about fitness and health, and in preserving their wealth. These consumers enjoy the arts and entertainment, and tend to dine out often. Community leaders, business owners, senior level executives, medical and other professionals represent over 18,000 of these resident-homeowners.

Lehigh Valley Marketplace understands the value created from strong graphics and messaging, and has the good fortune of employing a terrific design staff. Currently, this design group creates over 80% of the advertising that appears in each issue.

Choose Lehigh Valley Marketplace and experience the benefits of our expertise, quality and distribution. We’re dedicated to offering our customers unsurpassed service, attention to detail, and the marketing support your business deserves.

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