September 2012

Home Theatre

By Nancy Moffett Type “home theater design” into Google, and you’ll find lots of sites offering advice, products and pictures of home theater installations. The information and ideas can be both mind-boggling and intimidating to those of us who aren’t well-versed in the latest audio/visual offerings. So, we asked several Lehigh Valley experts to give us a primer on getting... »


Lighting Fixture & Supply Company 1033 Sumner Avenue  l  Allentown, PA  l  610-435-9691  l Sue and Jim Brophy took over Lighting Fixture & Supply Company when Sue’s father, Rolland Rodgers, retired in 1992.  Established in 1955, Lighting Fixture & Supply has been serving the Lehigh Valley for more than 55 years and has been at its ... »

Modern Comforts: Kay Builders

By Rick Koze Photo by Frank Mitman As lives become busier than ever before and technology has us plugged in more hours each day, home becomes our haven, a place to unwind and enjoy time with family and friends. With more “at home” entertaining – both indoors and out – home designs reflect this approach. Architects and builders are creating spaces to accommodate the way we ... »

You’re Going Back to School at Your Age?

By Andy Cook Preparation Here’s the interesting thing: grad school was always in the back of my mind. However, it took all the pieces being in the right place to make it happen. My undergrad years at Penn State were back in the 80s… the 1980s that is, just to be clear. In fact, I had been in grad school once before, in the late 80s, at Lehigh University. However, for those... »

Muhlenberg College’s Theatre & Dance Department

By Kathleen Shannon Harold and the Purple Crayon, the 1955 children’s book by Crockett Johnson that’s also a play for both children and adults, lets us know we can create the reality we want, step by step. That’s exactly what Professor Charles Richter did with the Theatre and Dance Department at Muhlenberg College, and it’s paid off big time. When he started the program in... »

Charter Schools

By Sara Hodon Traditional schools cover the basics – reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic – but charter schools go one step further. Charter schools offer more focused, intensive curriculum in areas that traditional districts do not, or logistically cannot, provide. Students at charter schools still follow a curriculum similar to that of a traditional school, but also receive ... »

Mom of the Year

By Sara Vigneri I thought that once my kids were old enough to feed and bathe themselves, my job as a mom would get exponentially easier. What I didn’t anticipate was sleepaway camp. Last spring, my almost thirteen year-old daughter decided that she needed to check ‘sleepaway camp’ off her bucket list. Being a supportive mom I thought, sure, why not? I gritted my teeth as ... »

Sustainability School

By J.F. Pirro Nancy Amici and Jodi Curtis, Coopersburg neighbors, were in their first class—Basic Herbs—at the second-year Sustainability School. Curtis heard about its monthly hands-on back-to-nature classes and workshops through her sister, a neighbor of Teresa Kirk, one of the school’s co-founders. Amici followed Curtis’ lead. “I’m surprised my sister kept it a secret f... »

Hotel Bethlehem at 90

By Carole Gorney When Lehigh alumnus Bruce Haines, ’67, learned during one of his frequent return trips to the Lehigh Valley that the Hotel Bethlehem was closing, he did what any self respecting Lehigh alum would do.  He bought the hotel. Well, actually, with a little help from his friends and some investors. That was 1999, and a year later the hotel reopened as a Radisson... »

September is Farmer's Market Month

By Kathleen Shannon September is Farmer’s Market Month and if you’re not yet taking advantage of all the fabulous Lehigh Valley grown produce that’s available, now’s the time to get out and buy some. Local produce has so many advantages over store-bought products – the taste is better, it’s fresher, it supports the local economy, it’s good for the environment – and i... »

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