5 Ways to Cozy Up Your Home

5 Ways to Cozy Up Your Home

By Kathryn M. D’Imperio

Each year when the fall weather arrives, it reminds us to savor the few remaining warm moments outside and to recreate our own feelings of warmth in our homes. Creating a cozy setting in the home is a scalable initiative – you can make little changes here and there, subtly impacting the atmosphere and appearance, or you can completely remodel a room or a portion of your house for a cozier, more inviting look and feel. Your budget and the amount of time and energy you plan to allot to the project will determine the complexity of your modifications, but any change, especially this time of year, will be a welcoming treat for your family and all those who come to visit.

Use your creativity to cozy up your home for the fall and winter seasons. Make the most of what you already have and consider picking up a new accent piece if needed. Here are our five tips to create feelings of comfort, warmth, and relaxation in your home:

Burn, Baby, Burn

Close your eyes and see what comes to mind first when you think of a cozy home. For most people, a fireplace is first on the list. Fires bring a sense of warmth and comfort to the whole body, an excellent option for anything interested in making their home cozier. Even if your home is not set up for a fireplace, you can still add ambiance and warmth with a fireplace alternative. Consider chimney-less fireplaces, electric fireplaces, gel fireplaces or gas-fired stoves. Explore your options based on your home’s existing structure and utilities. Find the right fit for your home and its layout and then enjoy the added heat and the soothing environment your new fireplace or gas stove creates. Cuddling up beside the fire with a good book or your sweetheart can be the perfect idea of a cozy night at home this autumn.

Create Intimate Spaces

A big part of coziness deals with how you feel in a particular location rather than how it looks. Consider modifying your home’s existing floor plan just a bit to allow for a quiet and intimate setting your family can really enjoy. Look for a place to create a reading nook or somewhere you can add a window seat. In your larger living room or recreation room, consider adding a luxurious chaise lounge that is sure to be a fast favorite out of your seating options. If you need a little extra inspiration, check in with an interior designer or a company that sells home furnishings. Remember to focus on function – spaces should be designed for living; looks come second.

Light the Way

Candles and unique lighting options can instantly change the mood and setting of a room, if not your entire home. Consider adding electric candles to the windows and set out a few jar candles to enjoy each day as part of your routine. Choose your favorite fragrances or opt for something in the theme of fall that also inspires a cozy feeling – for example, apple pie, pumpkin pie, Tahitian vanilla, or cinnamon. If you aren’t fond of candles, you can look into different lighting fixtures that inspire feelings of warmth and relaxation. Craft an intimate, romantic setting that welcomes guests and family members to kick back and relax in a cozy environment.

Cuddle Up

When cold, we reach for a blanket. When tired or wanting to snuggle up, we look for a pillow. To create as cozy a setting as possible in your home, make sure you set out some nice throw blankets and pillows for your family and guests to use. You can coordinate the colors with your existing décor or look for a new way to spice up the room with a fresh look for the fall season and the coming holidays. Use accessories like throws and toss pillows to warm up your favorite rooms for fall, updating the colors and simply creating a room anyone would love to melt into at a moment’s notice.

Relive Memories

Family life gives many people the warm fuzzies. Allow your family, friends and guests the chance to relive some of your memories too, by placing photo albums and other personal memories on the end tables, coffee table, and other locations. Hang a few photos of your kids and pets on the walls or create a lovely collage of smaller frames to enhance the overall décor. Use your special books and memories captured on film to make people want to relax stay a while. Adding a personal touch to the existing décor can often be all that is needed to create a cozy atmosphere.

Next time you see an autumn bonfire, stunning colors changing in the foliage, or a steaming cup of your favorite hot beverage, be inspired. Daydream a little bit. Question what is and imagine what could be. Keep your budget in mind and make small strides in updating your home’s décor, design and layout. Take the time to update your home, even just a little bit, to add more warmth, comfort, and a setting of relaxation.

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