Best I Ever Had: Surf & Turf Oysters at Bolete

Best I Ever Had: Surf & Turf Oysters at Bolete

A consummate connection between land and sea, Surf & Turf Oysters always make a huge splash on Bolete’s rotating menu. Built on a half-shell foundation, this half-dozen freshly-shucked raw-oyster app features one of Rhode Island’s Narragansett Bay signature varieties, either mild-and-silky East Beach Blonde or small, plump and briny Wild Goose, harvested closer to the ocean.

The turf garnish – seared, chilled and thinly sliced ribbons of beef carpaccio made from ribeye cap (aka deckle) crusted in black pepper, sea salt and a touch of coriander – goes on top, followed by horseradish crème fraiche, raw shallots turned purple with beet juice, crisply fried shallots, microgreens and a dab of horseradish with vinegar and lemon juice for tartness.

Chef/co-owner Lee Chizmar, a fan of plays on surf-and-turf, hit upon this eureka-moment combo five years ago when a snowstorm resulted in a slow night – and both key components were on the menu. “You’re tasting a complete dish, all the ingredients, in one bite,” he says.   

Beyond the Bubbles

Champagne, a classic partner to oysters, isn’t the only beverage that plays well with marine mollusks. Chef Chizmar suggests pairing them with a dry rose or dry Riesling, each offering a clean, crisp taste that refreshes – and stimulates – the palate.


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