Culligan Water Conditioning

By Kathryn M. D’Imperio

Water is an essential part of everyday life. From drinking to bathing, cooking, cleaning, washing clothes and more, we use water in our homes and businesses more than we might realize. Lehigh Valley’s Culligan Water Conditioning franchise, Reynolds H20 Plus, Inc., ensures that residential customers and businesses have top quality water and water treatment options like softening, filtration and deionization, to name a few.

Culligan Water Conditioning covers seven counties residentially and provides commercial service across the globe. Reynolds H20 Plus has several offices in Pennsylvania, including one in Allentown, one in Brodheadsville in the Poconos, and two in West Reading.

A Rich Family History
Emmett J. Culligan founded and invented the Culligan Water Softening Company, which is now known as Culligan International. Today, the United States has more than 650 franchised Culligan dealers, as well as representation in more than 90 countries.

The Lehigh Valley’s Culligan Water Conditioning is now a four-generation business. The local franchise came to be after G. David Reynolds saw an ad about owning a Culligan franchise in Life Magazine in the early 1950s. He decided to start the business with his wife and children. His son, G. David Reynolds, Jr., then purchased the Allentown business on the day his daughter Debbie was born in 1962 and later purchased the West Reading franchise as well.

Debbie Reynolds McGlynn and her brother G. David Reynolds III, purchased the two franchises from their father in 1993. In 1995, they also bought the Poconos franchise together. Today, Debbie Reynolds McGlynn’s daughters and nephew also participate in business matters.

“Culligan is very family oriented; the owners look at us like a big family and treat us that way,” says Sales Manager Chris Wells. “We have 300-plus years of knowledge considering the amount of time people have been with us. Pretty much in a nutshell, Culligan has been the leader in the water treatment industry since 1937.”

Clean, Drinkable Water for the Lehigh Valley
According to co-owner Debbie Reynolds McGlynn, some of the biggest water needs in the Lehigh Valley appear to be installation of water softeners as well as equipment for handling problem water from property owners’ wells. Having a water softener in the home can save money but it is also better for appliances and for your skin. Culligan also provides home water filters, drinking water systems, reverse osmosis, boiler water treatment, cooling tower treatment, and bottled water services, among others.

“I love the fact that a customer can come to us with horrible water that looks like iced tea and we have equipment that turns their water into clear, clean, drinkable water,” says Reynolds McGlynn.

She also loves working with so many great employees who genuinely care about the customers. All hired locally, Culligan employees uphold the model of the family business every day with true dedication and support.

Recognition, Service Areas, and Charitable Work
The franchise owned by the Reynolds/McGlynn families is one of the largest Culligan franchises on the East Coast. Culligan Corporate has ranked them in the top five Culligan dealers in the country residentially for the past 16 years. Corporate also listed this local franchise as number one in the country commercially for many years.

Culligan handles residential customers by region and assists commercial customers in the Lehigh Valley and beyond, including hospitals, large corporations, pharmaceutical companies, and others. Culligan also provides high quality water for processing needs in factories and other businesses.

This family-owned and operated company strongly believes in helping charitable causes, such as sponsoring the St. Joseph the Worker Walkathon and the Adventurer’s Club, participating in the Hillside School’s auction for the past several years, and donating bottled water to many school and church functions. The Reynolds/McGlynn familes’ Culligan franchise also supplied all the bottled water for volunteers at the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Berks County Pennsylvania show, which aired October 24, 2010 on ABC.

“The final saying that my dad always says is, ‘Look us up ‘under water’ in the yellow pages,’” says Reynolds McGlynn. “He always liked to joke about being under water! Our business was actually under water two times over the years in our West Reading location. Fortunately, the last time we had flood insurance.”

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