Edge of the Woods Native Plant Nursery

Edge of the Woods Native Plant Nursery

*These can range from 6–8 feet tall and will require a truck for pickup. Alternatively, a 3–4 foot bare root seedling can be purchased for $49.


Edge of the Woods Native Plant Nursery specializes in plants native to the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast ecosystems. Native plants are adapted to our specific climate and thrive once they are established, and they contribute to the preservation of Pennsylvania’s biodiversity.

The plants at Edge of the Woods are grown by horticulturists, with strict attention paid to producing a plant with healthy roots. Many of the plants carried are rarely offered by other nurseries. Some are grown from seed, a process which can take up to three years from seed to sell-able plant. They limit the use of chemicals, hand weeding their plants, and managing many pests with organic or natural methods. This makes their plants safe for visiting bees, insects, and wildlife.

Under the circumstances, Edge of the Woods is currently offering online ordering and curbside pick-up. They are also available for brief phone consultations by appointment to help you shop remotely and answer any questions you have. Be sure to check their website for updates on when the nursery can open up for browsing.

2415 PA-100

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