Get Your Tail on the Trail

Get Your Tail on the Trail

One of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors and also get exercise is by visiting any of the dozens of exceptional hiking trails available to us locally.

Don’t be fooled, just because they’re largely referred to as hiking trails, most of them are also perfect for walking, decompressing from the work week, and taking in the scenery.

One of our favorites is Lehigh Parkway. With roughly 7 miles of trails, it’s a perfect spot for biking, running, or walking.

For a more scenic experience, visit Hawk Mountain Sanctuary. We love this one because of the incredible views. When you go, be sure to try to get to South Lookout.

Trexler Nature Preserve is also one of our favorites. With almost 20 miles of trails, much of it is flat and easy to navigate. If you don’t get a glimpse of the elk and bison often seen here, be sure to stop at the Lehigh Valley Zoo located nearby.

For another great trail experience, visit Ironton Rail Trail. This one runs about 8 miles, the majority as a large loop. When you’re there, be sure to also stop at Saylor Park.


It’s also easy to enjoy healthy, outdoor family activity with Get Your Tail on the Trail. This free program encourages us to get outside and experience the value of our local trails through day-to-day challenges, public events, and incentives.

Framed by a 165-mile route that spans from Wilkes-Barre to just outside of Philadelphia, The Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Trail traces three historic transportation systems – the Lehigh Valley Railroad, the Lehigh Canal, and the Delaware Canal.

People of all ages and abilities use this trail to work toward personal fitness goals or to simply enjoy fresh air and green spaces with friends and family. The trail is relatively flat, so it’s easy to walk, run, or bike your way along.

“Just getting out and walking 30 minutes a couple of times a week can have tremendous health benefits in how you feel today and can prevent problems in the future,” said Bonnie S. Coyle Ronco, M.D., chair of community health and preventive medicine at St. Luke’s University Health Network. “It’s important that our bodies move. We are meant to be active.”

Dr. Coyle adds that outdoor activities can also boost your mental health by fighting off the melancholy brought on by winter’s long dark days. “It gives you more energy, helps you manage your weight, and brightens your mood,” she says.

Get Your Tail on the Trail features regularly scheduled challenges and provides individuals and families with nutrition and exercise programs that support personal wellness while building a sense of community.

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