Glasbern Inn

Glasbern Inn

Welcome to the Lehigh Valley’s version of “almost heaven.” Country roads that wind through pastoral scenery lead to some of greenest grazing—and most distinctive and serene accommodations—anywhere.


On the recently revamped menu, one new entrée is essentially a love letter to beef aficionados. The 14-ounce cut of prime rib from Hershey Family Farm in Lancaster County, a fourth-generation operation specializing in responsibly-raised, certified premium Black Angus steer, features a fine marbled texture—which translates to maximum juiciness. Executive Chef Jonah Hendershot recommends ordering this entrée rare, or at the most, medium rare, for fullest flavor. The meat, seasoned simply with salt, pepper, and a mix of house-grown herbs such as tarragon, rosemary, and parsley, is served with a roasted shallot demi sauce. Partnered on the side is a fresh vegetable medley with summer squash, carrots, asparagus, or whatever arrives from the greenhouse that day, plus a mound of mashed Russet potatoes punched up with a just-right amount of fresh garlic. Wine suggestions on the menu provide an optimal pairing selected by an expert.


In the main dining room, the atmosphere is distinctly rustic—as expected from a vintage pole-and-beam barn—though the original rafters and fieldstone walls add elements of natural architectural elegance and texture. Even with a soaring 28-foot ceiling, there’s a feeling of warmth, especially when the venue is appointed with sparkling candles. Booths flank two walls, and tables are scattered across the room, providing guests with their preferred seating option. Anywhere you sit, the view is great, especially when looking at an artfully plated entree.


A seasonal array of distinctive libations keep flavors lively, and the Pomegranate Summer Sipper is an excellent choice to toast farewell to the waning days of warmth. Made with an offering from Root Craft Mixers—a Bethlehem company producing organic, all natural, and totally exotic drink mixers—this cocktail melds the tastes of pomegranate, lemongrass, and lemon juice, mixed with your choice of vodka or gin, and given a sparkling crown of club soda. Those who are staying overnight at Glasbern Inn may enjoy this or any of their other favorite beverages at a cozy pub reserved exclusively for registered guests.


Is there anything new at Glasbern?
Yes! A new event venue, Glasloft, has been added to the main building. This dramatic space, with two glass walls and a mezzanine level, hosts up to 80 guests, making it perfect for more intimate weddings, corporate functions, or family celebrations such as birthdays and anniversaries. The Lodge, in a separate building, accommodates crowds up to 200 people.

Is the food Glasbern serves locally grown or raised?
Glasbern is, in fact, a working 150-acre organic farm that raises hogs and Scottish Highland cattle. Pigs are grown at the farm seasonally, and as they mature they’re slaughtered and become our sausage, bacon, and pork. The cattle provide steaks and the ground beef used in our signature meatloaf. Produce such as lettuce, tomatoes, and herbs are grown in our hydroponic greenhouse. Eggs are sourced locally, as are many varieties of fruits and vegetables.

What do you offer to inn guests?
A combination of rooms, suites, and garden cottages comprise our 38 stunning guest accommodations, featuring such amenities as fireplaces and whirlpool tubs. There’s also a fitness center and spa, and the swimming pool is a summertime favorite. Perhaps the most unusual feature is the availability of three dog-friendly rooms. Walking trails across the farm enable you and your canine family member to get plenty of fresh air and exercise. Breakfast, served in the main dining room, is included in your stay. Along with a continental buffet, a menu offers a selection of morning entrees. 

Is autumn a good time to visit?
Definitely! Why not plan a wine tasting weekend? A number of delightful wineries are located just 15 to 45 minutes away. And, of course, Hawk Mountain Sanctuary is an outstanding local attraction as raptors make their fall migration. 

Crab Cakes

• 2 lb. jumbo lump crabmeat
• 2 eggs
• 1tsp. Dijon mustard
• 1T Worcestershire sauce
• 6 T cracker meal
• 3 T minced fresh parsley 

Place the crabmeat in a large bowl and carefully pick through to remove any fragments of shell. In a separate bowl, beat together eggs, mustard, and Worcestershire sauce. Stir in cracker meal, then parsley. Pour the mixture over the crabmeat and fold together gently to avoid breaking lumps of crabmeat. Form into 8 patties and place on a tray, cover, and refrigerate for several hours until thoroughly chilled. Cook as desired by baking, broiling, or sautéing. 

Yields 8 crab cakes

Ricotta Gnocchi


3 eggs
1 1/2 lbs. ricotta cheese
1/8 cup mixed chopped herbs, such as rosemary, thyme, sage, parsley
2–3 cups flour + more for dusting
Salt and pepper

In a large pot, bring 2 gallons of water to a steady boil. Mix eggs, cheese, herbs, salt and pepper in a large bowl until fully combined. Stir in 2 cups of flour, then gradually add remaining cup until desired consistency is achieved. (The mixture should adhere into a ball of dough.) Dust a large cutting board or table with flour to prevent dough from sticking. Take about a cup of the dough and use your hands to roll it into a long rope about the diameter of a hot dog. Press to flatten slightly. Use a knife and cut dough into oval-shaped pieces about 1 inch in length. Continue with remainder of dough. Working in batches, place gnocchi in boiling water, cooking for about 2 minutes until the gnocchi floats. Once floating, they are ready to eat! Scoop from pot, drain, and serve as desired.

serves 8-10 (appetizer portions)

Glasbern Inn
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