Going Green at Lehigh Valley Marketplace

Here are some interesting ways that we’re helping to make the world a better place or at least our little world here in the Lehigh Valley. If you have additional ideas or suggestions, send them to christine@ecbiz213.inmotionhosting.com and we’ll consider posting the most innovative ideas we receive.

“We do the majority of our shopping at farmers’ markets and roadside stands in the Kutztown area, supporting locally grown products. We have what we call a “burn box” in our garage where all paper products go. My husband then burns our paper products in a bonfire area we have established on our property. We recycle our plastic bags by giving them to the local roadside markets we patronize, and use cloth bags whenever possible. And, we eat organic big-time!!! —–Wendy Knowles, Account Executive
“I have been using energy-efficient light bulbs since moving to my new house (nearly three years ago) and thanks to PPL website’s “home tracking,” my house uses half as much electricity than the typical home.”–Jay Kach, Associate Publisher
“I’m shopping more locally this year by patronizing farm markets in the area, ordering groceries from Pure Sprouts and enjoying the items on Pearly Baker’s local menu—they even have organic wine! I also take my own bags to the grocery store and use cloth napkins at home instead of paper ones. Now, if only I could get rid of all those water bottles…”—Christine A. Krahling, Editor
“We recycle our horse manure on our flower gardens rather than buying fertilizer that is processed. I also make my own organic juice and compost the pulp.”—Jane Hughes, Account Executive
“While we do the typical recycling of all plastic, glass and newspapers, I also have a drawer full of reusable bags to take with me to the store. Now if someone would come up with a clever way to remind me to actually take them into the store, that would be great! But when I do come home with plastic bags, I do save them all and return them to the bin at the store to be recycled.
Also, I’ve been hearing more and more about worm compost farms. We have a turtle and it seems I’m always buying worms for it. I think it would be a fun thing to have a worm composting farm.
And if anyone has a unique idea on how recycle all the dog waste in my yard, bring it on!”—Erica Montes, Senior Art Director
“I recycle the usual materials, use all glass dishware, sport the reusable grocery bags, and drive reasonably fuel-efficient cars; however I’m more proud that I drink from reusable glass water bottles. I use the kind which can be purchased here. I refill them with water from my tap so I never have to purchase bottled water. It’s not just the plastic in the bottles that is wasteful, but the whole process of packaging and shipping bottled water uses up a lot of resources. Not to mention, as frugal as I am, I save a lot of money this way. I use a smaller, more portable bottle to drink from at home or at work. And I keep a larger, full bottle in my fridge at home to serve guests.”–Scott Westgate, Graphic Designer

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