Letter from the Editor

I have mentioned this before, but here’s a quick refresher on me: I am a West Coast native and I do not particularly love the cold. I know that some people love “the seasons,” but do you know what I love? Being warm and not having to practically don a sleeping bag in public for five months out of the year.

When I first moved to Pennsylvania, I was in such denial—denial that I had managed to find myself in a part of the country where temperatures dropped low enough for official advisories to be issued against going outside—that
I refused to buy an ice scraper for my car. Instead, I flicked snow off 
my windshield with a flip-flop and let the defrost button take care of the rest. I know that sounds ridiculous, but I was used to wearing shorts on Christmas Day. By not buying the ice scraper, I felt a relieving sense of detachment from my frigid reality. This is temporary. I won’t be here next year.

But then I was. And the year after that, too.

There are two ways that you can go about dealing with things that you don’t like in this world. You can be the idiot brushing off your car with seasonal footwear, or you can change your perspective. If you need some perspective-changing tips, learn how the power of positive thinking can make 2018 your best year yet on page 48.

Another perspective shift: If you are receiving this magazine, you have a roof over your head to keep you safe from the harsh conditions outside. On page 22, read about a family who lost their home—but will have a new one in time for Christmas, thanks to Habitat for Humanity of the Lehigh Valley. On page 52, you’ll find a wonderful list of things to do this holiday season, and even more events on page 60 on our calendar. Here’s an upside to cold weather: Since it’s a season of sweaters and coats, there might be room for an extra appetizer or dessert. Read about two fantastic local makers of delicious food, Molinari’s on page 10 and Egypt Star Bakery on page 16, and don’t forget to visit lehighvalleygoodtaste.com for other local restaurants worth a visit—if not for dinner, perhaps for a gift card as a present. 

(And yes, I did eventually buy an ice scraper.)

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