Letter From The Editor

“Each day comes bearing its own gifts. Untie the ribbons.”
—Ruth Ann Schabacker

Dear Readers,

If you’re like me, your holiday “to-do” list probably looks something like this:

• Defrost the turkey! Make stuffing!
• Pick up fresh flowers for Thanksgiving table centerpiece.
• Buy teachers’ gifts.
• Make sure we have enough wine!
• Don’t forget stamps for the Christmas cards!

And the list goes on and on…

It’s that time of year again: we’re gearing up for another holiday season. Is it just me, or did this year go by fast? As I look back, it’s hard to believe that our area experienced a  hurricane,  an earthquake and dangerous flooding in such a short period of time (A tornado even crossed the Valley in the spring though it never touched ground). I’m sure most readers remember where they were when the earthquake hit (minor as it was). Events like these have a way of putting things in perspective, prompting us to count our blessings and give thanks. Let me take this brief moment to thank all of the staff and writers of Lehigh Valley Marketplace who help make this publication great. Another big thank-you goes out to our advertisers and readers. I am thankful for all of you.

In this Holiday issue, we’ve tried, as in years past, to balance the brisk pace of the season with some ways to “stop and smell the holidays,” so to speak. With Christmas ornaments in stores since before Halloween, sometimes Thanksgiving gets lost in the shuffle. Not so this year.  Frederick Jerant talked with area chefs who shared their favorite turkey-day recipes to help you jazz up your Thanksgiving menu. Check out “Thanksgiving Traditions” for more info!

There’s so much to take care of during this busy season that sometimes we have a tendency to overlook the obvious. We’ve got you covered, albeit at opposite ends of the spectrum: Sara Vigneri talked with area experts about ways to take care of the skin we’re in as the harsher temperatures take over (“Winter Skin Care”), and Andy Cook makes sure our cars will be in top shape for the upcoming weather (“Winterizing your Car”). See…two more things to cross off your to do-list!

As in years past, our “Hot Ticket” this month is our fabulous Holiday Gift Guide. Take a look at what we found for the Artist, the Foodie, the Holiday Collector and a new category titled,  “Just for You” that includes some great indulgences for that special someone.

Whether you’re new to the Lehigh Valley or an old hand at what our area has to offer, our popular “Holiday Calendar” will point you in the right direction for some great holiday fun for you and your family. And when you’re curled up by the fire, relaxing with this issue of Lehigh Valley Marketplace, take some time to read the feel-good essay by Ruth Heil titled, “Singing at the Piano” It’s truly inspiring.

Before the holiday rush takes over, take a minute to visit our website–lehighvalleymarketplace.com and let me know what the holidays mean to you. I want to know—because you live here!

Christine A. Krahling — Editor

Publisher’s Note: “7 Tips for a Successful Book Club,” written by Christine A. Krahling and featured in our Winter 2011 issue, placed in the Top 100 in the Magazine Feature Article category in the 80th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition this year. There were 1,001 winners and over 11,000 entries overall; Christine’s article placed 95th. Congratulations, Christine!

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