Makeup Tips & Tricks

By Kathryn M. D’Imperio

As the seasons  change from one to the next, countless new makeup products and updated colors for old favorites become available. From new flavors of lip balm to hot new colors of eye shadow, the possibilities and combinations are endless. Choosing new makeup products to complement the season is a great way to welcome change. Even when you’ve already got it all, you may still enjoy a few special makeup tips and techniques to enhance your appearance or freshen up your morning routine.

Our fondness for makeup and the looks cosmetics create is nothing new. Women’s love of makeup dates far back to the times of ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome, where even poor women wore primitive forms of makeup. Thankfully, today’s makeup selection has come a long way to provide healthy and long-lasting options that work great for special occasions as well as everyday wear. Here are a few makeup tips and tricks from Nancy Ashmore, co-owner at Artisans’ Salon and Day Spa in Emmaus:


• Mineral makeup is sourced from nature and fused with science to protect, correct, and beautify skin without irritation.

• Minerals provide a natural, chemical-free sunblock, shielding skin against damaging ultraviolet light. Their powerful, light-reflective properties make flaws and imperfections practically invisible.

• Mineral makeup is the perfect choice after cosmetic procedures or for individuals who suffer from chronic skin conditions.


Pur Minerals 3D method makes applying mineral makeup so simple: Dip, Draw, Dust.

1. Dip the chisel makeup brush into your 4-in-1 pressed mineral makeup foundation.

2.Draw circles in the lid of the compact.

3. Dust onto skin in downward strokes for a flawless finish.


• When applying mascara, first turn your head slightly to the side. Now look at the mirror, leave your head turned to the side, and begin applying.

• Lipstick is essential. It helps to hold your natural contour. Use a contrasting shade and you can create special effects for that “Night on the Town.”

• Balance of Power: Dramatic eyes or seductive lips; they should never vie for attention.

• Concealer should always be an ultra creamy texture, protecting and softening while covering dark areas. It also brightens skin tone and hides imperfections.

• Light should fall on the face from around the sides and top of the mirror to allow an even distribution of rays when applying makeup.

• To make the eye appear larger, use a thin eyeliner and apply close to the eyelashes on top from inner corner of eye to the outer corner and bottom outer corner to center.

• Lip balm should be used daily as a healing and moisturizing base on the delicate lip area, which lacks oil glands. A soft balm that is colorless and not too shiny is recommended. (You can find this type of product at most pharmacies.)


• Consider using PH-balanced skin care and SPF 15 skin care and makeup for great skin.

• Drink eight glasses of water daily. Water helps to hydrate the skin as well as flush out many toxins. Avoid a high salt or alcohol intake; this will dehydrate the skin and cause it to look unhealthy.

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