Matt-Hat Jerky: Hats Off To A Teen Entrepreneur

Matt-Hat Jerky: Hats Off To A Teen Entrepreneur

A renaissance in the competitive – and fast growing – world of artisanal, small batch jerky fuels a startling array of flavors at Matt-Hat Jerky in Bethlehem. Launched four years ago by Matthew Kuplack at 11 years of age (his smiling face and eponymous cowboy hat appear on every bag of jerky) already had years of experience crafting this specialty with his dad, a family tradition passed down from his grandfather. 

The enterprising youth initially tested the business waters by selling zip-lock bags of jerky to neighbors and teachers. When the company was founded, his sister Katrina, now 18-years-old, came on board as a partner. While she focuses on marketing, ordering, and other essential components of the professional enterprise, Matthew devotes himself to hands-on matters such as developing new flavors and mixing the spice blends for the 2-day marinade that make this snack a stand-out product. (Celeb chefs Guy Fieri and Andrew Zimmern confirm this assessment in video shout-outs posted on the website, and Matt-Hat Jerky scored a “Best Beef Jerky” win at the 2020 TasteTV Jerky International Awards and earned additional honors at the recent 2021 competition.) At present, one thousand pounds of American beef are processed each week.  

Jerky fits America’s current preference for high-protein and low (or zero) carb and sugar snacks, and the Matt-Hat brand contains no nitrates or MSG in any of its 15 distinctive jerky offerings. Mild flavors such as Original and Traditional Japanese Teriyaki are supplemented by robust tastes that include Black Truffle, Roasted Garlic, Sweet Heat and new Punjabi Indian Curry – boasting 19 complex ingredients for authentic Indian character. This product also adheres to strict halal dietary requirements. Those following a trendy keto (ketogenic) diet can explore six gourmet preparations that range from “no heat” to “VERY SPICY!” ratings.

Dedicated heat seekers will relish Pinch Yo’ Grandma Spicy, seasoned with habanero, cayenne, and a pinch of Carolina Reaper – ranked as the hottest pepper in the world – and “insanely hot” Slap Yo’ Grandma Spicy, prepared with hefty enough dose of Carolina Reaper to come with a big red “warning” label to consume this product only if “you love ridiculous, painfully spicy food.” Both Grandmas are available in Keto selections. 

Hot Sauce Makes a Splash!

The recently unveiled Premium Black Truffle Hot Sauce adds a new dimension to the Matt-Hat lineup. The rich depth of black truffles makes this a delight for dipping or barbecuing. Or try putting a few drops on your jerky. The modest heat level provides more of a “kick” than a “burn.” 

Four types Variety Packs round up favorite types to sample. Just remember that these fresh, high quality products – containing no artificial preservatives – have a 6-week shelf life from date of production, unlike behemoth brand jerky that can remain in your pantry for a somewhat off-putting length of time. Or swing by the Matt-Hat Jerky shop, open 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday, for samples before choosing your new favorite flavors. Don’t feel like driving? DoorDash can bring jerky directly to your home. More patient customers may order online, keeping in mind that shipping is free on orders above $50.00. The inclusion of a floss-pick in every package makes this exceptionally delicious brand the most considerate jerky around. 

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