When the weather demands ice cream therapy, an Owowcow shop offers deliciously restorative treatments. Diverse offerings come in cups, cones, floats, shakes, sundaes, and other enticing forms. Although multiple factors help distinguish these frozen confections, a primary component that sets apart this regional brand is quality ingredients—mainly local and organic, such as the cream and milk, cage-free eggs, and raw honey that go into the pasteurized and cooked base. “That’s the heart of all of our products,” says General Manager Shira Wade. Only a small number of ice cream companies in the nation are licensed by the Department of Agriculture to employ this scratch process.

Of course, talented Executive Chef Amanda Cox sets a high bar on creating appealing and innovative flavors, with twelve signature core varieties—House Vanilla, I Hate Chocolate, Mint Chocolate Chip, Cashew Caramel, Cookie Monstah, and Honey Lavender, to name a few. (If multiple concoctions call to you, order a five-flavor flight; even floats are offered in three-flavor flights.) Monthly special ice creams that play to seasonal tastes are showcased, plus dairy-free sorbet and artisan dark chocolate-dipped pops in rotating tastes provide further choices. A blend of oat, cashew, and coconut “milks” supply an optimal fat-content that produces a pleasing mouthfeel in vegan ice cream products. The many baked goods used, from cookies for ice cream sandwiches to the pastry additions stirred into assorted ice creams, are all premise-made in Owowcow ovens.

Family owned and operated, Owowcow was founded in Ottsville in 2009 by John Fezzuoglio, a graphic designer by profession. When work found him settled in Bucks County, he missed the warm Italian-American community feel—often food-driven—of his native Brooklyn, and he decided that ice cream could bring heart and connection to the area. Rolling up his sleeves, he was a one-man operation making and selling ice cream for the first two years. The business quickly expanded into five locations, each with a distinctive look and vibe.

At the renovated Simon Silk Mill in Easton, Owowcow meshes well with other on-site businesses, which include a brewer, a winemaker, a distiller, and a gallery. Plentiful parking and a spacious patio provide welcome amenities at this industrial-edged ice cream shop. They’ve even partnered with neighbor County Seat Spirits to create a Lavender Gin-Laced Sorbet.

August feature ice cream flavors include Local Peach—made with sweet cream—Local Peach Blackberry Cobbler—made with buttermilk, with blackberry cobbler swirled through—and Local Sweet Butter Corn, a brown butter ice cream with a sweet corn swirl that’s been an annual favorite for the past seven years. The featured sundae, 10-Mile Peach, stars peaches sourced from an orchard within ten miles of each shop, plus House Vanilla ice cream, house-made hot caramel, and a house-made (and gluten-free) crumble, all topped with whipped cream. For refreshment on a stick, opt for the featured Root Beer Float Pop, with layers of House Vanilla and Root Beer Sorbet encased in a decadent chocolate coating.

Parties To Go allow you to transform your home into an honorary Owowcow locale. With two packages available, just select the ice cream and fixings you crave, with biodegradable sundae boats, cups, and spoons supplied. Have your choice packed and ready for pick-up, or—even better—delivery is available. There’s no excuse not to indulge those ice cream fantasies.

Tour de Cow

The next time you drop by any Owowcow, grab a Tour de Cow playing card that maps out a rewarding road-trip tasting adventure. Get the card stamped with any ice cream purchase at each different shop visited and collect a free sundae and bumper sticker on the fifth and final stop. Although there’s no expiration date for completing this challenge, those audacious (and hungry) enough to “Conquer the Cow” in one day will receive a free bonus tee shirt. Just save your receipts to present to the server at the ending destination. Also check the website: A description of each locale includes a list of neighboring diversions worthy of exploration on the journey, from parks to pizza joints. Go for it, literally!

“I Hate Chocolate”

Assistant General Manager Anna Robinson shares the backstory on this oddball nomenclature of this super-tasty flavor: Back in the day, we used to mix our chocolate ice cream by hand, using a rich, thick chocolate ganache. It was super hard to stir and we kept breaking wooden spoons trying to mix it. It affectionately received the name I Hate Chocolate because, frankly, we hated making it then! Thankfully we learned what an immersion blender was and now we love chocolate but decided to keep the fun name. 

10-Mile Peach Sundae

2 scoops vanilla ice cream, preferably Owowcow House Vanilla
1 medium peach, preferably local, sliced or chopped
2 T good quality caramel sauce, warmed
1/4 cup baked pie crumbs*
Whipped cream to taste
*Or substitute crumbled baked pie shell pieces

In a roomy serving bowl, assemble ingredients in the order listed above. Enjoy immediately.

Serves 1

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