Ready, Set, Deliver!

Having a baby truly changes everything, and to cope with the many changes—both big and small—soon-to-be parents need advice, help, and support.

These feelings of confidence, comfort, and connectedness are so important for parents

That’s especially true for women who experience complications, like Erin A. of Bethlehem experienced from the very start of her pregnancy journey. Her situation made it absolutely critical that she find an obstetrician with whom she felt confident and comfortable.

“At my initial appointment, I realized that I found a physician who actually listens to his patients,” says Erin. “Dr. Baker took the time to get to know me. He has a great sense of humor, too, which was necessary with all the seriousness I endured over nine months!”

These feelings of confidence, comfort, and connectedness are so important for parents-to-be who are embarking on the most exciting—and most anxiety-producing—change of their lives.

A Better Birth Philosophy

Dr. Baker’s approach is representative of the entire St. Luke’s “Baby & Me” philosophy, which is comprised of several key tenants that ensure families are provided with the best care before, during, and after their baby’s birth:

• Focusing on personalized care: The goal is to make every patient feel like  a person—not a patient or a number
• Connecting new moms with their doctors
• Ongoing education by their healthcare team
• Understanding the family’s care plans
• Offering one dedicated care team for mothers and babies
• Encouraging immediate baby and mom skin-to-skin contact, rooming in, and nursing
• Providing support to the new family for lactation, emotional health, physical health, and pediatric services once they’ve gone home

Expert support is available to new parents round-the-clock.

At St. Luke’s New Beginnings Family Birth Centers, newborns generally room in with their moms, but a nursery is available for new parents who might prefer it. Bonding with baby is important—from the very beginning—because it fosters a sense of security and provides the baby’s first model for intimate relationships.

It truly takes a village to get a newly expanded family off to the best start. That’s why visiting hours are unlimited at St. Luke’s. Family and friends are encouraged to visit the new parents to offer support.

Expert support is available to new parents round-the-clock by St. Luke’s nurses and physicians. Nurses are on hand 24/7—just an alarm buzz away. Both obstetricians and family physicians make rounds each day, giving new parents time to ask questions and gain reassurance.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 81 percent of new moms breastfeed their babies at birth. Even though breastfeeding seems like it should be as easy as breathing, it’s often pretty frustrating to master. That’s why St.Luke’s internationally certified lactation consultants are available to answer questions and provide direction.

St. Luke’s Baby & Me Support Center

St. Luke’s Baby & Me Support Center, the most comprehensive program of its kind in the region, provides mothers, fathers, support persons, and family members with a variety of services commonly needed before, during and after pregnancy in one convenient location. St. Luke’s Baby & Me Support Center delivers personalized and compassionate care that includes: prenatal and postpartum classes, support groups, lactation support services, postpartum emotional wellness services and activities and exercise. Providing a location for new Mom’s to take classes after they go home allows them to help transition into motherhood. View all events at

Share your Story with St. Luke’s

All moms have stories to tell… about the relationships they’ve formed with their doctors, about the personalized and compassionate pregnancy care they’ve received, about their personal experiences and about why they chose their OB/GYN. Find out why our Moms switched to St. Luke’s from other care providers or stayed with St. Luke’s through multiple births. Watch our mom’s videos, read their stories and if you’re pregnant, or planning to become pregnant, ask yourself – “Do I want to know my doctor? Do I want my doctor to listen to me and respect my choices? Do I want to be more than a number?” Is your answer yes? Then trust St. Luke’s to deliver. Find your St. Luke’s OB/GYN and become a St. Luke’s mom too. Visit

There’s an App for That

What if you could take your baby’s physician’s expertise with you everywhere you go? Now you can, with the St. Luke’s Baby & Me free app, which features information on:

• Finding an obstetrician and pediatrician
• Classes, tours, and pre-birth visits
• Healthy pregnancy
• Labor and delivery
• Postpartum care
• Breastfeeding
• Newborn tests and care
• Appointment tracker
• Contraction timer

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