Stargazer Cast Iron

Stargazer Cast Iron

Any home cook with a cast iron pan has a world of versatility in one mighty tool: roast, sauté, and sear; braise, bake, and broil. Equip yourself with a high quality version, and you’ll be set for life. Enter Stargazer Cast Iron, based in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Peter Huntley, a professional kitchenware designer, started Stargazer Cast Iron in 2015 to create a better product than what he was seeing on the market—a cast iron pan that was not only more durable, but made for performance rather than nostalgia. Stargazer cast iron pans are smoother (resulting in a truly non-stick pan), lighter, safer to handle, and easier to clean. Along with a top-of-the-line product, Huntley places importance on making their products entirely in the U.S. and practices sustainability from process to packaging. And their direct to consumer model—where everything is sold exclusively through their website,—reduces prices and makes buying a piece of cake (pun definitely intended).

We’re thrilled to share this secret weapon that many chefs at Lehigh Valley restaurants have already discovered. Happy cooking!


New to the cast iron pan game? Along with being the exclusive spot to snag these products, the Stargazer website is also a terrific resource for how to care for your pan and what to cook in it. Dozens of creative recipes are available to get you started, from side dishes and complete family dinners to—yes—even desserts! Sample dishes include Thanksgiving Stuffing Skillet, Pulled Pork Lo Mein, Chicken Piccata, Sweet Potato Poutine, Veggie Couscous, Bread Pudding, and
Skillet Carrot Cake.

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