An Honest Approach to Selling Handmade Furniture with HomeSquare Furniture

An Honest Approach to Selling Handmade Furniture with HomeSquare Furniture

Our fathers and grandfathers always seemed to know a quality product when they saw it. Today, despite the amount of information we have at our fingertips, we often know very little about the work and care that goes into the products we buy.

And, although most companies opt for increasing productivity or profitability, there are still companies working to put quality and reputation first. One of the best examples of this philosophy comes from HomeSquare Furniture in Easton, Pennsylvania.

Not to be confused with the Home Square line of particleboard furniture from Walmart, HomeSquare Furniture in Easton offers some of the very best solid wood furniture in the world at a fair price.

“We work with skilled Amish furniture makers from Lancaster and Ohio to bring our customers the best hardwood furniture made anywhere. Our furniture is built to last, and we care about making our customers happy,” says Desiree Beam, one of the store’s friendly assistants. 

“You’re not going to find our furniture in your neighbor’s house. If we don’t have something a customer sees on display, we can likely have it made. Our Amish furniture is almost always customizable, and the customer’s choice of wood, style, dimensions, and finish are all taken into consideration,” says Store Manager JoAnna DePano.

“One time, we had a shorter customer come into our showroom and ask about the height of a barstool. We had the legs adjusted and produced to make the piece fit her preferences and a more comfortable design. No one does that today,” says DePano.

The Amish learn practical skills and trades at a young age—usually as children. It’s part of their culture, and it’s a primary reason why so much pride goes into their furniture making. It’s also why their furniture is known for quality and durability.

“Amish furniture makers only use solid wood and set out to build heirlooms that last for generations. Known for being super-strong, some of the most common woods used are brown maple, white oak, and cherry,” says Beam.

It’s about true craftsmanship and there is a real attention to detail. Rather than using screws or nails, they use dovetails and other artisan techniques for construction. Intricate details are done by hand. There is no mass production in Amish furniture making, and varnish has multiple purposes—beauty, texture, and making the wood impervious to water and stains. The wood’s grain and quality are a top priority. Materials are carefully inspected for flaws and rejected when a high standard is not met.   

Amish furniture making is also an environmentally responsible process. Materials are not sourced from overseas; only locally sourced woods are considered and used in construction. Interestingly, because pieces are often passed down from one generation to the next, their furniture rarely makes it to a landfill.

HomeSquare Furniture is committed to delivering quality products from Amish furniture makers. Their goal is to deliver the very best value you can find in handmade, hardwood furniture through an honest experience.

Visit their showroom in Easton featuring a huge selection of furniture on display for every room in your house. Serving customers throughout the greater Lehigh Valley, they also provide delivery service throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Visit their website or contact their friendly staff today to learn more.


When the Swartzentruber family started Green Acres Outdoor Living in 1988, it was a side business to their produce farm. The store was located in Whitehall and only open a few days a week. Their concept was simple: sell only high-quality, handmade outdoor furniture at a fair price. 

It proved to be a good idea. As word-of-mouth spread throughout the Lehigh Valley, the family made a decision to stop farming, so they could better meet the demand for their furniture. In 1999, as the company continued to grow, they opened a second location in Easton. In 2007, they opened a third location in Marietta, GA.

Along with opening the store in Easton, they made the decision to begin offering hardwood indoor furniture alongside their outdoor products. Located in the same center as Green Acres Outdoor Living, the hardwood furniture line continued to expand into the great selection you see today at HomeSquare Furniture.

“Success is the result of hard work and honesty. With these qualities, anything is possible,” says Lee Reinford, President of HomeSquare Furniture.

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