Bella Mani by Susan Bella – Handmade Locally

Bella Mani Susan Bella feature image

  1. ‘Florence Tre’ Pendant (chain additional) $615
  2. ‘Florence Uno’ Pendant (chain additional) $255
  3. ‘Pienza Uno’ Ring $135
  4. ‘Venice Uno’ Lever Back Earrings $180
  5. ‘Pienza Tre’ Threader Earrings $105
  6. ‘Florence Quattro’ Earrings $1,285
  7. ‘Venice Uno’ Necklace $125
  8. Assorted Mini Mani’s in the Making (Sterling Silver shown, chain additional) $45-$60

All items are 14K Yellow Gold or Sterling Silver.


Bella Mani®, which translates to “beautiful hands” in Italian, is jewelry designer Susan Bella’s first official jewelry line. This Lehigh Valley native grew up in the business and has had her own unique brick-and-mortar retail store (Susan Bella Jewelry) on the West End of Allentown for almost 11 years, where her specialty is custom design by appointment.

This clean, sleek line is inspired by antiquarian clock hands (think grandfather clocks and several hundred-year-old clock towers in Europe). Susan has always had the ability to find beauty in everyday, simple things.  Everything that surrounds her inspires her jewelry designs; particularly architecture, nature, and vintage man-made items. While people might quickly pass by an item, a clock, for example, and look at it merely for the time, she is all about the details. Susan notices the face, the shape of the hands, and underlying textures. She found her inspiration for Bella Mani® in an obscure antique store in Newport, RI back in 2017.

Bella Mani® is currently comprised of three collections, each with varying designs. Each collection is inspired by one vintage clock hand she has named after an Italian city which Susan has had the pleasure of visiting. Introducing: Florence, Pienza, and Venice through the designer’s eyes. La Vita e Bella! 

1746 W Allen St Allentown
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