Best I Ever Had: the Big Mick burger at Drip: The Flavor Lab

Best I Ever Had: the Big Mick burger at Drip: The Flavor Lab

Let’s face it: The burger is part of America’s gastro-cultural DNA. And all too often this dietary staple is consumed with negligible engagement of critical faculties. Ho-hum hamburgers, eaten from habit and/or convenience, dull expectations. Fortunately, Drip: The Flavor Lab—a casual Hellertown bistro offering indoor, outdoor, and takeout dining—reinvigorates the palate with a stellar protein-on-a-bun experience. 

“Burgers are my ultimate comfort food,” Chef/owner Andrew Murtha attests. With an eye for detail acquired from a background in fine dining, Murtha carefully scrutinized each component, giving them “plenty of care and attention from top to bottom.” For the foundation, a New York bakery developed an exclusive brioche bun, sized for an optimal beef-to-bread ratio and with sufficient density to support a hefty load. The 6-ounce patties, hand-formed in house, are crafted from responsibly sourced fine-ground beef chuck, seasoned with freshly cracked black pepper, and enriched with a bit of butter for super-juiciness. A custom-made cast iron clamp device both smashes and cooks the burger quickly and perfectly. Embellishments for The Big Mick Burger— one of several varieties on the core menu—include gently melted sharp cheddar, signature “fancy sauce” studded with bits of house-made bread-and-butter pickles, and a blend of chiffonade-cut romaine and super-thin sliced red onions that achieve an even distribution of tastes and textures in every bite. Need more meat? Add another patty or bacon. For a side, choose fries or a salad with scratch-made dressing (bottles are available to purchase).

While adult beverage choices run from draft beer to on-tap house-made hard ciders, an indulgent chocolate shake —made with Godiva cocoa powder—plays into the upbeat café’s playful high school hangout vibe.

So much can go wrong, but when everything goes right one may just achieve perfect bliss.–Chef Andrew Murtha

Burgers on a Mission

A perfect burger is a work of art. The bun has to be on point, and toasted to golden brown with the flavor of butter. The beef has to be rich and strong, yet submit to the slightest bite, the cheese deep and melted at the right time. The pickles have to bring the acid to the palate, yet be balanced with that slight sweetness. The lettuce and onions must be fresh and offer a contrast in texture, freshness, and allium tanginess. The fries have to be hot and crispy, with fresh cracked pepper and the right amount of salt.

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