South Mountain Cycle & Café

South Mountain Cycle & Café

Bell Nomad Helmet $60

The cycling community is like a family. Whether you like to ride 5 miles or 50 miles, you are a part of it. Heather and Chad Balliet, owners of South Mountain Cycle & Café, are always excited to welcome new members to the family. 

From the moment you walk into their family-owned business, you can feel its inviting atmosphere in their recently renovated store filled with bikes and accessories. Over the last 9 years the Balliets have added so many more members to their community. Growing up in a family business, they value the importance and support of each and every customer. Some days you might even catch Heather and Chad’s toddler, Melvin, running around testing out bikes or be greeted by their friendly chocolate lab, Diesel. You might work with Chad, Derrick, Jorge, Scott, or Heather to find your perfect bike. They take the time to understand exactly how you ride and fit you for the best bike for comfort and maximum performance. They are happy to service any bicycle, any make, any model, no matter where it was purchased.

South Mountain Cycle & Café
318 Main St

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