Best I Ever Had: Tuscan white bean & rosemary soup at Sette Luna

Best I Ever Had: Tuscan white bean  & rosemary soup at Sette Luna

Although a year-round menu staple since day one of Sette Luna’s opening in 2006, the siren song of this classic Italian zuppe crescendoes in chilly weather. Chef/owner Josh Palmer reports making up to 5 gallons a week to satisfy fans.

After being introduced to the hearty and herbaceous soup at a Lake Placid ski resort one frigid January—prior to becoming a restaurateur—Palmer was inspired to create a personalized version. Much experimentation ensued. Breaking with tradition on the mirepoix vegetable base, celery was omitted and onions slowly caramelized and mixed with pureed carrots. “The carrots essentially disappear when simmered with the cannellini beans in white wine and chicken stock, so you have their sweetness with no big chunks, he says. “That gives it a finer appearance.” Fresh rosemary provides signature woodsy notes that refuse to fade during leisurely cooking “All those flavors are infused into the beans,” Palmer says, “It’s a well-rounded soup.”

Tuck into a bowl of Tuscan White Bean & Rosemary Soup, served with premise-baked ciabatta drizzled with olive oil, for a light lunch, or partner with a salad or app for a more-robust meal. And be sure to choose a rich white wine to complement the body of the fragrant potage.


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