Foster Jewelers

Foster Jewelers

Foster Jewelers, a full-service jewelry store established in Northampton in 1947, prides itself on personal customer care. Thus, the business is the perfect choice for guys who may not know much about jewelry and are looking to purchase something special for their significant other.

“If you have no clue, we’ll take good care of you,” says Lucy Schneck, who owns and operates the store with her husband, John Schneck, Jr., who worked for Foster Jewelers in high school and took over the business in 1992. “We sell a lot of engagement rings. Fellas come in and say they learned so much from us. It’s rewarding for John and I, and we’re very blessed to have great customers.”

“We have some gentlemen come in who know jewelry and are very good at making selections.” But the flipside is also true, she says. “Some gentlemen are intimidated, and it’s important to get an understanding of their partner’s taste. The right guidance is also key.”

Fittingly, John and Lucy Schneck met in the jewelry world, shortly after they both graduated from high school. “I worked for a small, family-owned jewelry store in the Lehigh Valley,” says Lucy. “When John graduated from jewelry school, he remained at Foster Jewelers and also contracted to do work for other stores in the area, and that’s how we met. He started at the store as a sophomore in high school. He came in to purchase a class ring and was offered a job, and he’s been here ever since. He’s built everything from experience but doesn’t always give himself enough credit for his expertise, but that’s how we are able to offer everyone such wonderful services.”

The Schnecks married in 1993.

“We’re fortunate to have both had small mom-and-pop jewelry store backgrounds, and we took all of their values and developed them into our own business,” Lucy says. “We’ve been doing this well over 30 years.”

“After high school I went to Bowman Technical School in Lancaster to learn diamond setting and repairs,” John says. Our collective knowledge contributes to an exceptional experience for customers, the Schnecks say, including those who might not feel comfortable walking into a jewelry store.

“We don’t want anyone to feel pressured,” says Lucy. “We want customers to leave the store comfortable and excited with their purchase. We want to get to know customers and engage with them—it’s not just about their price range. We’re honest and often get compliments on being fair. That’s how we also train our staff to be, and it’s why we have such a large volume of repeat customers and referrals.”

An in-house registry has also helped put “hundreds if not thousands of gentlemen at ease with their purchases,” Lucy says.

Couples come in together to establish a wish list. “We get to know them. When they come back we put them at ease, establish a budget and help them make the best decision.”

It’s all about paying attention to the customer, the Schnecks agree. “The key is to listen and pay attention when couples come into the store. “Basically, guys want to please their significant other,” John says. “Most guys are willing to put in the time to ensure she loves it.”

“We have a lot of out-of-state customers who have moved away from the area but still do business with us over the internet,” Lucy adds. “Good customer service and a personal touch are why we are successful today.”

“We pride ourselves on having quality jewelry at very competitive pricing. If your budget is $50 or $5,000, everybody gets treated fairly and with respect.”

Foster Jewelers
1859 Main St

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