Eating Your Way Through Coca-Cola Park

Lehigh Valley IronPigs Trough Dog

You have the day off from work, it’s warm outside, and your favorite minor league team – the IronPigs – are winning.

In your left hand, a Mac & Cheese Parfait – layers of tender pulled pork and creamy macaroni and cheese – awaits. In your right hand, Fried Funnel Cake Bacon, a thick slab of bacon on a stick breaded with funnel cake batter and sprinkled with powdered sugar promises a swirl of savory and sweet in every bite.

You do, of course, what anyone else in such a magnificent dream sequence would do: you have both. Except this isn’t a dream – it’s an evening out at Coca-Cola Park.

Peanuts and crackerjacks may have been acceptable bleacher munchies in days gone by, but the home to the Lehigh Valley IronPigs has transformed the all-American game into a dining experience in its own right. The 8,278-seat baseball park is also host to the largest and most delectable dinner table in town, so next time you visit the Allentown stadium, don’t forget your appetite (and extra napkins).

Fried Funnel Cake Bacon

Fried Funnel Cake Bacon

Wait, Tell Me More About Bacon & Funnel Cake

Do you like bacon? Do you like maple syrup? Are you tired of these rhetorical questions? If you’re into the bacon on a stick trend, there’s also Maple Candied Bacon, which is – much to our delight – exactly what it sounds like.

Just in the mood for dessert? There’s a snack for that: the park’s signature Funnel Cake comes with gooey hot fudge, sweet strawberry topping, and whipped cream. And, yes, sugar aficionados rejoice: they have Deep-Fried Oreos.

If you’re into the bacon on a stick trend, there’s also Maple Candied Bacon, which is – much to our delight – exactly what it sounds like.


What About Hot Dogs?

There are the type of hot dogs that your babysitter boiled, diced up, and threw in your macaroni and cheese. There are the type of hot dogs that you grab at the gas station. There are the type of hot dogs that sizzle on the grill, signaling summer, and are never done soon enough.
Then there are the hot dogs at the Lunch Pail Grill at Coca Cola Park, which are, if you will, in a whole new league. Here, baseball’s signature food comes as the Chicago Style Dog, a 1/4 lb. Black Angus hot dog topped with tomato, chopped onions, relish, spicy mustard, and a pickle spear on a steak roll. There’s also the Trough Dog, which is wrapped in bacon and topped with pulled pork, chili, and cheese sauce.

Just Munchies

If you’re in the mood for regional comfort food, you can’t go wrong with Pot Belly Pierogies, ten pockets stuffed with cheddar cheese and topped with pulled pork, cheddar-jack cheese, sour cream, and
grilled onions.

Not a pierogi person? Their Sweet Potato Fries are an especially sweet treat, seasoned with cinnamon, sugar, and served with a side of maple syrup for delightful dipping.

The finger food doesn’t stop there — 2016 brings the new addition of a Loaded Nacho Bowl, a massive pile of tortilla chips topped with ground beef or pulled pork and customizable toppings ranging from guacamole to cheese sauce and sour cream to steak.

For the fans with more traditional taste buds, you can also pick up plates of Onion Rings and Boneless Chicken Bites.


Porker Grande Sandwich

Porker Grande Sandwich


Sizable Sandwiches

The home of the IronPigs lives up to its name with loaded handfuls like the Porker Grande Sandwich, barbecued pulled pork snugly nestled with a thick strip of bacon, fried onions, and cheese sauce on a warm roll. Still hungry? Try a kaiser roll stuffed with ham, pulled pork, and bacon — appropriately dubbed the Three Little Pigs sandwich.

Yes, They Have Cheesesteaks Too

New this year are two fresh spins on the area’s famous food: cheesesteaks. The Chicken Cordon Bleu Cheesesteak is shaved chicken with ham and white cheese, while the Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak is shaved buffalo chicken with blue cheese dressing.

There are other ways to get your cheesesteak on – you can skip the bread and dig into a generous helping of Philly steak, sweet peppers, onions, and white cheddar cheese sauce on a bed of your choice of Waffle Fries or crispy Homemade Chips.

Gone Gluten-Free? No problem!

Dietary restrictions used to mean that fun foods were off-limits, but the stadium has a dedicated gluten-free stand so you can get your snack on without worry. After all, nothing’s worse than chowing down on a sad salad while everyone around you is Instagramming their towering plates. At the stand, you’ll find treats like baked potatoes with various toppings, as well as gluten-free cookies and brownies.

Coney Island Hard Root Beer Float

Coney Island Hard Root Beer Float

Specials & Adult Beverages

Swing by on Monday nights for $1 hot dogs (holidays excluded) and for Happy Hour on Thursdays from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., featuring $1 hot dogs and $2 domestic drafts.

Also new this season is the Coney Island Hard Root Beer Float, with two creamy scoops of vanilla ice cream and a welcome kick of 5.8% ABV. Saving your calories for the Deep-Fried Oreos? There are over 113 beer taps within the ballpark, including a selection of craft beers at The Beer Garden, and a full-service bar with liquor and wine at The Club Bar.

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